Are you aware of the dangers of lip injections?

Lip injections have become increasingly popular over the years. 

Enhancing lip shape and size through injections has not been a short-lived fad. In 2020, 3.4 million Americans received soft tissue filler injections, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

The popular cosmetic procedure has become more common in spite of the high price tag. Lip injections cost, on average, between $500 and $1,000 per syringe. This can turn into quite a big bill, considering that the results only last around six to 12 months on average. 


While lip injections can get you the luscious lips you’ve always wanted, they could also be damaging, and not just to your wallet. 

There are risks associated with getting a cosmetic procedure like this one.

Below is everything you need to know about lip injections, including potential dangers at play. 

Lip injections are a type of dermal filler are used to increase the size of the lips. Lip injections using hyaluronic acid are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for those over the age of 21.

There are several reasons why an individual chooses to get lip injections. One reason is to achieve fuller and more voluminous lips. 

Another reason to get lip injections is to correct the lips’ shape, if they are asymmetrical. 

Lip injections can also smooth wrinkles in the face and serve as an overall confidence booster. 

When getting lip injections, always go through a licensed medical professional. 

Getting a lip injection starts with a topical anesthetic being applied to the area to numb the lips. Then, the doctor will use a thin needle to make the injections on all parts of the lips. 

After injections are completed, the patient will be given ice to help with the swelling. Typically, the patient will be monitored after injections are complete to make sure that no adverse reactions are experienced. 

It usually takes two to three days for lip swelling to completely go away, but could take longer. The doctor or nurse who administered the injections may set up a follow-up appointment with the patient. 

Lip injections are not a one and done procedure. In order to maintain results, you will have to get the procedure done again. Exactly how long lip fillers last vary depending on the person, but on average, the results will last between six and 12 months.


There are risks involved that are important to be aware of when getting a procedure like this done. One of the most important things to remember is do go to a licensed professional. Failing to go to a licensed medical professional can increase your risk of adverse reaction and long term side effects. 

There are many side effects associated with lip injections. 

These side effects include bleeding and pain at injection sites, triggering of a cold sore outbreak, discoloration, infection, asymmetrical lip size, long term swelling, itching, rash, allergic reaction and bruising. 

It is also possible for lip filler to move away from the targeted area and spread to other parts of the face.

This rare occurrence could lead to needing surgery. 

An additional rare but possible outcome is a lumpy appearance under the skin, permanent scarring and blocked blood vessels in the face. 

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