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Biden admin. announces steps to combat baby formula shortage

Olivia Godden has reached out to family and friends as well as other moms through social media in efforts to locate needed baby formula which is in short supply. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

UPDATED 1:38 PM PT – Friday, May 13, 2022

The Biden administration announced new steps to address the baby formula shortage while noting there were several key factors to be looked at.

In an attempt to fix this problem, the administration suggested getting more formula to store shelves quicker, cutting down on price gouging and increasing supply through increased imports. This comes as supply chain issues continue to contribute to the ongoing baby formula shortage.

“We’re going to work with manufacturers, we’re going to import more to expedite this as soon as possible,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. 

President Joe Biden spoke to Walmart and Target CEO’s about ways to boost supplies. The Netherlands, Ireland and Chile are now identified as potential sources for more formula.

“We are seeing increases over the last couple of weeks but more needs to be done,” voiced Jen Psaki.

With the out of stock rate for baby formula in the US rising above 40 percent, parents are becoming desperate as things persists.

The first photo is from this morning at the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula.

The second is from a shelf right here at home. Formula is scarce.

This is what America last looks like.

— Kat Cammack (@Kat_Cammack) May 11, 2022

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