Billionaire Elon Musk and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are engaged in a raging battle over how much access the public should have to the technology behind artificial intelligence or AI. The most influential player in this space, however, is not Musk or Altman. A careful dusting for fingerprints reveals that it is none other than the president of the United States himself, Joe Biden. 

The technologies that keep AI running are the source codes. These are algorithms that form the bulk of AI programs. If that code has bias programmed in, for example, suppressing what the powers-that-be deem misinformation about anything from COVID-19 to the 2024 election, you can be sure AI programs will produce even more biased results later on. The content AI chooses to show each user can then alter people’s political opinions and even votes.

Musk and Altman joined the group that founded OpenAI out of concern about what Google intended with its “closed” or secret system. Like the name “OpenAI” implies, Musk and Altman wanted to make their source code “open” to the public, allowing everyone to use, investigate and alter it to their heart’s content. A big win for free speech. They still believe this approach provides the best protection for humanity from bias and censorship.


With the battle lines so clearly drawn, one might have expected Biden to address this issue head-on in his recent executive order on AI. But nowhere do the terms “source code,” “open source,” or “closed source” ever appear in the massive document.

Nevertheless, the White House edict revealed the Biden administration’s intentions to keep the source codes for AI closed to the public, a huge loss for free speech. The order is a virtual gag order, giving the Commerce Secretary 270 days to even begin talking with the public.

Biden’s order gives closed-source companies running room to practice their dark arts without anyone being able to question or investigate their practices; all to Biden’s political advantage.

Biden’s record on using the federal government to silence his political opposition is legendary. So is Big Tech’s. The U.S. Supreme Court will soon decide whether the Biden administration must stop coercing Big Tech companies to censor conservatives.


Similarly, the US House of Representatives zeroed out funding for a Biden initiative at the Department of Homeland Security that funneled anti-terrorism dollars to organizations that work to silence Christian, conservative and Republican organizations such as the Christian Broadcasting Network, Prager University, the Heritage Foundation and the Republican National Committee. 

As the Media Research Center found, Big Tech has suppressed all of Joe Biden’s 2024 opponents, with Google in the lead, burying campaign websites. Prior MRC research revealed how Google buried the campaign websites for most of the Republican Senate candidates in the 2022 midterm elections.

Just imagine supercharging these efforts with the power of artificial intelligence.

AI can be the fuel that sparks the greatest economic boom in world history. It can also be the greatest campaign tool the left has ever imagined. We must figure out how to have the first without jeopardizing our Republic.

Democratizing AI is essential for both of these goals, but that cannot be accomplished if Biden and his allies have their way.