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BREAKING: Arvada police shoot, murder innocent woman who was running away

Arvada police officers on Tuesday shot and murdered a woman who reportedly “threatened” someone with a knife then fled from police. Apparently this country no longer recognizes innocent until proven guilty.

Police received multiple calls about a woman who was stealing and “threatening” at least one person with a knife at the Target store on Kipling Street, Arvada Police Department spokesperson Det. Dave Snelling said. No evidence has been provided to prove these allegations.

Snelling said his officers chased the woman on foot to the area of Kipling and the Interstate 70 frontage road near the American Hotel.

Officers fired shots as the woman tried to drive away in a car, Snelling said. She crashed just west of the frontage road and was pronounced dead on scene. Yes, you read that right, officers shot and murdered an innocent woman while running away.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Critical Incident Response Team is investigating the shooting to see if use of force was justified. A witness states “The people should also immediately start their investigation and push back. This type of policing is unjust to our general population. I am not anti-police but how can they get away with cold blooded murder?”

The Jefferson County Coroner will release the woman’s identity at a later date once her family is notified.

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