A 4-year-old Nebraska girl had her scalp nearly torn off in a brutal dog attack before her mother allegedly hid from police and tried to hide her bloody clothes.

According to an Omaha Police Department report obtained by Fox News Digital, Lilianna Stratman, was rushed to the ICU after the attack on February 20 in Omaha. 

Upon arrival, officers met with witnesses at the scene who said that an unknown dog attacked Lilianna. Bystanders were able to separate the dog from the victim, police stated.

“My Grand Niece Lillianna was attacked by a Cane Corso Mastiff mix. She is 4 years old, and her scalp was torn off, her cheek bone was broken, she has torn ligaments in her neck and stitches all over her body,” Kimberly Lane Koterba wrote on a GoFundMe page. 


The girl’s mother, Danielle Stratman, 24, allegedly hid from police at her boyfriend, Greg Preister’s home, and changed out of her bloody clothes, which police said she hid under a bed.

The police report stated that the dog, a Cane Corso-mastiff mix belonging to Preister, but was not present at the scene when police arrived. 

Animal Control eventually located the dog at Preister’s home, police said. The dog was later voluntarily surrendered to the Nebraska Humane Society, where it was euthanized and tested for rabies. No diseases were found, according to the Humane Society.

“We immediately euthanized the dog and sent the tissue out for testing due to the severity of the injuries and where they were located,” Nebraska Humane Society representative Pam Wiese told KETV. “It needs to be expedited because the injuries were very close to the brain.”


Koterba wrote that Lillianna is now out of ICU, but will possibly be having another surgery and many more to follow. 

“She’s also going to need therapy for the trauma. This angel was born with Spina bifida. Any funds not used for medical purposes will go into a trust account for her future needs,” Koterba shared on her GoFundMe page.

Both Danielle Stratman and Preister were later arrested on charges of obstruction. Danielle Stratman was also charged with violating a no-contact order after being arrested on charges of child abuse and domestic assault earlier in February, KETV reported. 

The police report also confirmed that Danielle Stratman was wearing a GPS tracker ankle monitor and was prohibited from seeing or communicating with her young daughter. 

The toddler was turned over to the care of her biological father, Caleb Gomez, police said. 

Preister was also cited later with harboring a dangerous dog and having a pet damage property.

The Nebraska Humane Society was not immediately available to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.