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California police save three people from car ‘teetering on the side of a cliff’

A California Highway Patrol officer was able to save three people who were stuck in a vehicle teetering over the edge of a cliff last week in Los Gatos. 

Torrential rainfall has battered California in recent weeks, causing flooding and mudslides that make travel dangerous. 

Someone called 911 last Friday to report a car that was teetering on a ditch in Los Gatos, a town about 20 miles north of Santa Cruz. 

When the responding officer arrived, he found that the vehicle was actually teetering over the edge of a cliff amid the inclement weather

“Officer Murphy, with his collective and calm voice, gave them clear and concise instructions on how to safely exit the car,” California Highway Patrol explained. 


Parts of California have been hit with more than 40 inches of rain since atmospheric river storms began in late December. 

A few more inches of rain are projected to fall on the state in the coming days, according to FOX Weather, but mudslides could continue to be a threat through the weekend and into next week. 

“Again, we cannot stress this enough,” the California Highway Patrol said. “Please ONLY drive if it’s necessary. If you do need to drive please slow down, be aware of your surroundings, and give enough space between yourself and surrounding vehicles.”

At least 19 people have died since the late December when the storms began. 

President Biden approved a major disaster declaration for California over the weekend, freeing up federal resources to help the state recover. 

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