Social media users tore into Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson after he complained about Gov. Greg Abbott flying illegal immigrants into his city without warning him. 

Johnson took to the X platform on Sunday to lament the fact that a plane from San Antonio had brought in hundreds of U.S. Southern Border crossers without his knowledge. 

The mayor’s posts were met with conservative users mocking him for not being more welcoming, as the city’s government has proclaimed Chicago to be a “sanctuary city.”


The mayor wrote, “This morning just after 1 a.m., a private Boeing 777 originating from San Antonio, Texas landed at the Rockford/Chicago airport carrying 350 asylum seekers. There was no communication from Texas, and the City of Chicago was alerted by authorities in Rockford regarding the flight.”

In a subsequent post, he added, “Upon landing, asylum seekers were placed on buses chartered by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and dropped in various surrounding suburbs, left to find their way to the city. This is the second recorded instance of the Texas governor transporting asylum seekers via private plane.”

The posts did not seem to generate much sympathy on the Chicago government’s behalf. Multiple users told Johnson to complain about the Democratic Party and President Biden’s border policies rather than Texas and other border states, which saw the highest monthly number of illegal southern border crossings in history. 

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, replied to Johnson, writing, “You need @JoeBiden’s phone number? I am sure one of your Democrat U.S. Senators or Congress-critters has it.”

Political strategist Logan Dobson ripped the mayor, writing, “You received exactly as much communication and warning of their arrival as Texas did. If you have a problem, take it up with the federal government, headed by the president of your party.”

Conservative podcast host Michael Berry mocked Chicago’s sanctuary city status, urging the mayor to “Give them ‘sanctuary.’”


The New York Post’s Miranda Devine commented, “He’s blaming the Texas state government but this has the MO of a Biden administration flight – private charter, 1am, no communication. Hey Brandon, take it up with your pal Joe.”

Political commentator and former U.S congressional candidate Jack Lombardi II posted, “Stop your BS, Mayor. You’re trying to pin this on @GregAbbott_TX, but it’s the Biden administration who’s behind this.”

He continued, “Folks, Illinois lost a Congressional seat last census and will lose another seat due to the mass exodus from Illinois. Democrats want the bodies in the next census so they can’t lose more seats. Less seats = less federal influence. Right now, our border is open due to a health emergency order that is standing. This order is giving the Biden administration legal authority to conduct such an event.”

“Mayor. Time to resign,” Lombardi added.

Johnson has been complaining about the migrant crisis’ effect on his city in recent months. Earlier this week, the mayor appeared on CNN to call Abbott flying migrants to Chicago “reckless” and “dangerous.” He also claimed he’s been asking for “more resources” to deal with the migrant surge, which he added is putting the entire country “at stake.” 

Fox News Digital reached out to the Chicago city government for comment. This article will be updated with any reply.