Comer fires back at Biden’s reported impeachment ‘war room’: Just ‘provide the information requested’

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., told FOX News the White House’s reported “war room” of attorneys and aides set up to respond to the GOP’s impeachment inquiry would be entirely unnecessary had the administration been transparent.

The “war room” had been in conception for months, according to a report from NBC News, with a White House aide telling the outlet, “Never in modern history has an impeachment been based on no evidence whatsoever.”

On “Hannity,” Tuesday, Comer said the Biden administration need not go through the effort, but instead hand over documents the committee requested in their Biden family influence peddling probe.

“[T]hey wouldn’t have to set up a war room if they would just provide the information that we’ve requested. I don’t think we’ve requested anything out of the ordinary,” the congressman said.


“We want to know the correspondence that Joe Biden used with the pseudonyms between the government and himself pertaining to Ukrainian policy. We ought to know any emails that had Hunter Biden copied-on from the government.”

The Southeastern Legal Foundation recently sued the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA), demanding all Obama-era vice presidential records from three email addresses tied to the names Robin Ware and Robert L. Peters, which Republicans claim were pen names for then-Vice President Biden.

In response to one email from Hunter Biden to “Ware” referencing an individual named McGrail, “Ware” wrote “Re Johnny call me right away Dad.”

“This is stuff that should be public record, and with respect to their bank records, Joe Biden had no problem with releasing Donald Trump’s tax returns. Joe Biden said he would be the most transparent president in the history,” Comer said on “Hannity.”

“We’ve already proven that his family got $20 million from foreign nationals. They can’t say a single thing they did to earn the money. So obviously we’re suspicious about their personal bank accounts.”


Comer said the Biden team simply needs to provide bank account data disproving allegations that the current president was not the “big guy” recipient of 10% of a foreign payment, nor that there is any veracity to Hunter Biden’s 2019 complaint to daughter Naomi that “unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

Comer was later asked about an FBI FD-1023 form from a bureau informant that alleged wrongdoing by the Bidens in Ukraine.

In July, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, released the form, in which the informant claimed Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky was pressured to pay the Bidens millions of dollars in exchange for assistance in having a prosecutor fired.

“We do have leads. We believe and suspect that there are offshore accounts, but that’s something we’ll discuss later,” Comer said.

“What they said in that 1023 form [was] they used various bank accounts — that is consistent with what we’ve seen in Romania, in China, in Russia and Ukraine, where they used various bank accounts and various shell companies.”


In a statement responding to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s announcement, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations Ian Sams blasted the effort as politically motivated.

“House Republicans have been investigating the President for 9 months, and they’ve turned up no evidence of wrongdoing. His own GOP members have said so. He vowed to hold a vote to open impeachment, now he flip flopped because he doesn’t have support. Extreme politics at its worst,” Sams wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Fox News’ Brooke Singman, Jessica Chasmar, Chris Pandolfo and Elizabeth Elkind contributed to this report.

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