Deion Sanders has no interest in coaching at NFL level, Joel Klatt says

Deion Sanders is the hottest coaching name in football with his Colorado Buffaloes off to 2-0 to start. 

The Buffaloes took a chance on Sanders when they hired him from Jackson State, an FCS school, in December, and the move immediately paid off. 

Beyond having the Buffaloes undefeated and ranked heading into Week 3, all the buzz is around Colorado, with Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff” and ESPN’s “College Gameday” headed to Boulder for Saturday’s matchup against Colorado State


Sanders’ impact has raised his profile for future NFL jobs, but not everyone thinks Sanders has his sights set on the next level. 

Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt joined “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” Wednesday and shut down the idea of Sanders leaving the college game.

“He’s not going to the NFL,” Klatt said. “I don’t know if he’s gonna be at Colorado for sure. I can’t say that, but he’s not going to the NFL. 

“Deion doesn’t want to coach in the NFL. He’s told me that point-blank to my face. He believes that his role is more as a mentor. He loves coaching kids, and this is where he feels called. In fact, the word that he used with us in our meeting — and you’ll know this because he’s very forward about his faith — he believes this is his ministry. To be there for kids in college. Be a father figure to kids in this moment in their life.


“He’s not going to the NFL. Period.” 

One reason Sanders may not want to go to the NFL is his clear talent as a recruiter. 

“Coach Prime” has completely flipped the roster at Colorado, managing to convince Travis Hunter, the No. 1 recruit of the 2022 class, to leave Jackson State for Boulder. 

Last week, it was reported that Bryce Underwood, the No. 1 quarterback recruit of the 2025 class, would pay a visit to Colorado when the Buffaloes take on the USC Trojans Sept. 30, according to Yahoo Sports. 

“Obviously, when you have a coach that played defensive back, your attractability is skill position. So, we don’t have a tremendous problem getting those bigs [offensive and defensive linemen]. I think we have a tremendous rotation of bigs, offensive and defensive line … Trust me. Those guys are coming,” Sanders said Tuesday when asked about his focus on recruiting linemen. 

“We are receiving so many calls at this point right now that it’s absurd. Just inquiring about what we do and how we do what we do in visitation and desiring to come on an unofficial or official visit. So, I’m liking where we are right now.”

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