Dispute between Montana hotel employee, customer caught on camera

Video of a disturbance at a hotel in Montana has gone viral, and those involved are divulging what happened. 

Great Falls Police Department says they responded to the Great Falls Inn on Feb. 9 regarding a vocal altercation between a family of guests and hotel staff. The situation began hours prior to their arrival, police told KRTV.

“I’m gonna put this on TikTok. I’m gonna put this on TikTok.” housekeeper Kathryn Carrette can be heard shouting in what Jaylynn Mitchell believes is a mockery of an indigenous accent.

Mitchell, of the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, says she and other members of her family were staying there in three rooms after requesting handicap accommodations for her uncle, who is a paraplegic. Mitchell says they requested a late checkout, just one hour past the designated 11 a.m. checkout time.


“There were three rooms that were occupied. The family had been using three rooms. Somebody called in to extend a late checkout, and that was one room miscommunication, that they wanted all three rooms that way.” GFPD Support Services Bureau Capt. Doug Otto says about what he calls a misunderstanding. 

“They (her family) requested a late checkout and the lady or the manager, whoever they told, didn’t relay that message back to the housekeeper. The housekeeper went to go knock on their door and started becoming belligerent with them,” Mitchell said.

At that point an altercation broke out between an unknown number of family members and two staff members in the lobby. Mitchell’s video shows Carrette and general manager Kelli LaFountain, according to KRTV.

LaFountain reportedly called the police to say they had “very disruptive guests in the lobby.”


In the middle of LaFountain’s phone call, Carrette can be seen and heard on video saying to someone, “He was supposed to be out at 11! That’s the whole point. I don’t care if he’s a quadriplegic.”

The officer who responded acted like a mediator, allowing time to deescalate the situation prior to the matter being dismissed.

Great Falls Inn released a statement to KRTV that read, “We are fair, open-minded, and honest. We treat each guest with dignity and respect. This is a highly unfortunate incident that occurred. Because the safety of our guests is paramount. We became concerned about the level of disruption. The police were called, and the matter has been taken care of.”

Mitchell’s video has gone viral on TikTok, allegedly leading to hotel staff receiving threatening phone calls. 

“I just want an apology to my uncle and to my family as a whole, like we didn’t deserve to be treated that way by the establishment that we paid money for,” Mitchell said.

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