Ducks’ Trevor Zegras steals opponent’s stick out of desperation, unknowingly takes penalty

Trevor Zegras sure knows how to keep things interesting.

The Anaheim Ducks star made national headlines last year with his alley-oop assist to Sonny Milano, and he’s provided plenty other viral moments with his masterful puck handling.

His skills put him on the cover of NHL 2K23. On Wednesday night, he lost a handle of his stick, so he literally took matters into his own hands.


Zegras’ stick broke while he was fighting for a puck with the Dallas Stars’ Joel Kiviranta. Behind his own net, Zegras needed a stick to play defense. So, he stole Kiviranta’s out of his hands.

“My stick broke, and I pinned him up against the glass. I was like, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna steal his stick,’” he said after the game.

There’s just one problem with that, though. It’s against the rules. But Zegras had no idea.

“Everyone knew it was a penalty but me, I guess,” Zegras added.

The 21-year-old was assessed a two-minute penalty for an illegal stick.

“I tried to claim that I found it on the ice, which nobody was buying,” he admitted.

The penalty didn’t hurt the Ducks, though. They scored a 2-0 victory at the Honda Center in Southern California.

Zegras also dished out an assist in the game, his 19th of the season. He’s also scored 10 goals and owns the NHL’s second-best shootout percentage of all time. Despite his flashiness, the Ducks’ 26 points (11-24-4) are the third-lowest in the NHL.

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