Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have become the story of the NFL season. 

The relationship between the football star and pop sensation has transcended the sport, allowing the NFL to obtain a new demographic of fans. 

While many are tired of the topic, Fox Sports personalities Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson expressed indignation over the outrage. 


“We’re not going to win this situation, but I actually just listened to Colin Cowherd go on and on about the people saying, ‘Taylor Swift is ruining the NFL.’ No, she’s not,” Andrews said on the “Calm Down” podcast.  

“I got 35 million reasons she ain’t ruined the NFL,” Thompson chimed in. “So, let’s just go ahead and check the books on that one. Knock it off.” 

Sunday’s broadcast on FOX of the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions matchup was the most-watched NFC Championship Game since 2012, while the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens was the most-watched AFC Championship Game of all time, according to The Associated Press. 

While Swift was often shown on broadcasts at the beginning of her relationship with Kelce, her screen time has appeared to lessen throughout the playoffs. 

“I sat and listened to somebody yesterday say, ‘I’m just so tired of the NFL with this.’ And I said, ‘Why? How is it affecting your life? Why? What’s it doing?’” Andrews said. “Do you know that Colin, on his podcast or on television or whatever, talked about it? Out of a three-and-a-half-hour game, she’s shown for 25 seconds.”


Andrews said she spoke with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Swift’s impact on the league. 

“You know what else she’s doing? I sat and talked with the Commissioner about it, Roger Goodell, we were talking about it the night before the game,” Andrews said. “I’ll name-drop. He’s great. I talked to him about this. I have so many dads saying to me, ‘You know how great this is?’ Kyle Brandt talked about it on ‘Good Morning Football.’”

“How bad is it now that we have young girls that want to watch the NFL?” Andrews added. “I think it’s freaking awesome. So calm down. Go away. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it. How is it affecting your life?”

Andrews and Thompson both expressed how much they enjoyed watching Swift and Kelce celebrate on the field after Kansas City won the AFC. 

“It’s not even about Taylor Swift,” Thompson said. “It’s about let something be great. We live in a world with so much f—— negativity. And you turn the news on, it’s negative, negative, negative. What is she doing? She’s making this guy happy, she’s having a great time, and she’s being human.” 

Both Thompson and Andrews said that Swift’s ability to attract young girls to the game of football was great for the NFL.

“I started watching the NFL because my dad watched football,” Thompson said. “So, if other little girls start watching the NFL because she is at games, then good for them. 

“Everyone else needs to f—— find a hobby or do something different. Because that means that you’re just angry. And you’re looking for something to be upset about.”

Kelce’s Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.