ESPN’s Dick Vitale tweets update on NFL game from November thinking it was live: ‘I was absolutely fooled’

There was no NFL game being played on a Thursday night for the first time all season, but don’t tell that to Dick Vitale (Actually, maybe someone should.)

The NFL Network (which no longer broadcasts Thursday Night Football – that’s an Amazon Prime Video exclusive) was replaying the Week 9 matchup from the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions on Thursday night to fill the no-football void until Saturday.

Vitale thought he was watching a live game.


“In important @NFL matchup @Lions lead @packers 15-6 early in the 4th quarter,” Vitale said in a since deleted tweet. “@AaronRodgers12 has thrown interceptions in the red zone .The Lions D has been super .”

Vitale must have just watched James Mitchell’s three-yard touchdown reception from Jared Goff. That score, plus the ensuing PAT, gave Detroit a 15-6 lead.

The Lions held on for a 15-9 victory, but that news reached Vitale before he saw it. 

Vitale realized he was duped, but no worries – he took it like a champ.

“I was absolutely fooled / hysterical – I thought Lions – Packers game was played tonight / give me a turnover baby !”

That game has suddenly become pretty important in the grand scheme of things, as both teams are alive for the playoffs heading into their Week 18 matchup in Lambeau Field.

The Packers clinch the seventh and final spot with a win, while Detroit needs a win and a Seattle Seahawks loss or tie to the Los Angeles Rams.

Vitale recently got back in the booth to call college basketball after once again being cancer-free.

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