Family of former NFLer Stanley Wilson Jr. says law enforcement beat him before he died at mental hospital

Stanley Wilson’s family is claiming that law enforcement beat him before he died at a mental health facility.

The former Detroit Lion died in February, and it was initially reported that he collapsed, but his family is disputing that.

John Carpenter, the attorney representing Wilson’s family, said at a news conference on Tuesday that photos of his body show that he was a victim of excessive force before he died.


“It’s stark contrast to what we’ve been hearing from the county regarding the circumstances,” Carpenter said at a news conference on Tuesday, via TMZ Sports.

County officials told Wilson’s mother he collapsed and fell from a chair, but Carpenter says marks on his head appear to show he was kicked or stomped, and marks on his hands and wrists indicate signs that he was handcuffed.

Carpenter filed three claims against Los Angeles County on Tuesday: one on behalf of each of his parents, and another on behalf of his estate, asking for $45 million in damages.

Wilson’s autopsy results have not been released to the attorney yet.

He was taken into custody in August on vandalism charges, having been suspected of breaking into a home in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills and raiding the property. He also was believed to have taken a bath in the property’s indoor fountain. 

Prosecutors said Wilson was declared incompetent to stand trial, which resulted in him being moved to the mental health care facility. There was reportedly no suspicion of foul play at the time of his death.

Wilson was previously arrested in connection to a home invasion in 2016. He was shot during the attempted break-in at a Portland home and was allegedly naked at the time.

Fox News reached out to the California Department of State Hospitals for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

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