Gaetz, Boebert say GOP’s House Speaker divide was ‘never about Kevin McCarthy,’ but the American people

Two Republican lawmakers-elect who as of Friday evening had not voted in support of Rep-elect Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid said their efforts have been aimed at making Congress become more transparent and work for the American people.

Reps-elect Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Matt Gaetz of Florida took the “Hannity Hot Seat” one night after Boebert sparred with host Sean Hannity over her position as one of what were then more than a dozen no-McCarthy holdouts.

Gaetz, a congressman from the Pensacola area who at one point put forth Donald Trump’s name in the speaker’s race, said it has never been about personalities, but instead about people:

“[T]his has never been about me or Kevin McCarthy. It’s about the American people. And the American people want to know that the rules of the House of Representatives would never allow something like this terrible, horrendous omnibus bill to ever pass ever again,” he said.


“And that’s what Congresswoman Boebert and I have been working on.”

Gaetz and other lawmakers who have not supported McCarthy’s candidacy as of press time have been concerned with attaining a one-vote threshold for a “motion to vacate” the speaker’s chair, and in general want to assure opportunities to amend bills, keep their content germane to their topline, and allow fair time for debate.

On “Hannity,” Gaetz expressed appreciation that McCarthy has reportedly been receptive to changes he and others have demanded.

“[W]e’re at the stage right now where I’m running out of stuff to ask for – read the bills, have a balanced budget, have a broader plan. Kevin McCarthy is agreeing to all these things.”

“And again, it’s never been about him. It’s been about draining the swamp; making this a more honest, transparent, open place.”


He concluded that another key to a successful House Republican majority is to be able to hold the Biden administration accountable going forward.

In speaking with Hannity, Boebert echoed Gaetz in that critics who believed holdouts are seeking “personal gain” are incorrect.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” she said. “Myself, Matt Gaetz and every single one of the 20 conservatives that demanded these changes did so for the good of the country: Full stop.”


Boebert also offered a similar tone of caucus unity in that despite fervent disagreement and debate over the past few days, Republicans should come together to offer conservative solutions and bring forth “historic fundamental changes in D.C.”

She added that the speakership debate also likely has made the Republican caucus more prepared to lead and govern going forward.

Earlier Friday, several erstwhile holdouts recorded their first vote in favor of McCarthy, leaving 6 Republicans in the former camp.

Boebert voted “present” during the 10PM House session Friday.

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