Get your kid the heck out of traditional public schools: Journalist exposes teachers hiding CRT

Adam Guillette, Accuracy in Media president, joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” to explain his investigation purporting educators use selective language to conceal what they teach children.

Critical race theory continues to be a point of contention between schools and parents, and Guillette said the teaching of CRT was a factor everywhere his team investigated. 

He was not surprised by the results of the investigation.


“At this point, I’ve been in over 150 school districts across the country, and we saw the same thing again and again and again, and we didn’t go to Berkeley, California, or Boulder, Colorado,” he said. 

The presence of CRT was even found in red states like Florida, he added.

“These aren’t one-dimensional villains,” he continued.

Guillette emphasized that these teachers “mean well” by the kids they teach. 

“They mean well, they’re happy to break the law because they think it’s in the best interest of every child to learn about social justice and systemic racism and how capitalism is inherently racist,” he said.

He said these teachers view teaching critical race theory as “what is best for those kids.” However, this is likely “dramatically different” from what parents view as acceptable teaching practices. 

“Instead of talking about privilege, they now call it circumstance. They started teaching social and emotional learning as a Trojan horse for critical race theory in math classes,” Guillette said about the language teachers use around critical race theory.

After parents began catching on to the language, Guillette claimed it changed.

“Get your kid the heck out of traditional public schools. I was in a 3–1 Republican-to-Democrat county in rural Tennessee and had an administrator brag about how progressive their curriculum was from an equity point of view. That’s how bad it is,” Guillette said.

There is also the presence of “equity officers” in schools, Guillette said, which he explained as “highly paid, non-classroom positions focused exclusively on pushing critical race theory into the classes. We have them in my state of Florida. They have them everywhere.”

Guillette stressed his concern for the whole of the public school system, and shared his advice for parents concerned over what their children are learning. 

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