Glenn Youngkin pressed on 2024 plans as speculation swirls

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin was pressed on whether he will throw his hat in the 2024 presidential race, but declined to rule it out and said he is focused on the upcoming Virginia election in November.

“I’ve told you, I’m totally focused on Virginia elections and that’s what we are going to get done,” Youngkin told Fox News anchor John Roberts on “America Reports” on Thursday when asked if he would “rule out” running for president in 2024. 

“What happened recently was Joe Biden came to Virginia two weeks ago and he said one of his top priorities were the legislative elections in Virginia, he put a million and a half dollars in against our candidates,” Youngkin said. “We gotta battle against this and I’m hoping that our retreat in October will provide good resources for us to combat the flood of resources coming into Virginia to try and hold the state which the liberal left knows they are losing.”

“This is sounding more and more like a presidential campaign pitch,” Fox News achor Sandra Smith told Youngkin after he explained the ways Virginia has prospered since he took office.


“If I put the question to you a different way,” Smith said. “Do you feel a responsibility for your party and for your country to jump in this race?”

“Let me begin with how humbling this is,” Youngkin responded. “40 years ago I’m washing dishes and taking out trash in the Belvedere Hotel and today people are throwing my name around in a national context. I’m new at this. I have one campaign under my belt. I’ve been governor for 21 months. I think we have really moved things in Virginia. It’s encouraging that people are watching and like what we are doing.”

“I’m focused,” Youngkin continued after he was asked what would be “holding him back” from running. 


“We have got to hold our house and flip our Senate,” Youngkin said, adding that it is an “important moment” not just for the commonwealth but for the whole country.

Roberts then suggested that Youngkin could “quietly register” for the Nevada caucuses and still focus on the Virginia elections. Youngkin responded by urging Virginians to register to vote. 

Speculation has grown in recent months that the Virginia governor is considering jumping into the 2024 presidential race given that alternative candidates to former President Trump have not been able to make significant strides cutting away his substantial lead in the polls. 

“…I’d welcome Youngkin putting his oar in,” former Trump attorney general Bill Barr told the Washington Post this week. “If the governor indicated he’d to it, I believe he would draw serious support and be a strong candidate.”

Youngkin will be hosting a “Red Vest Retreat” on Oct. 17-18 in Virginia Beach and the report says that some donors will use that time to push Youngkin into the race as an alternative to Trump.

The deadline for Youngkin to enter his name into the New Hampshire first in the nation primary is October 27 which is before the Virginia election on November 7. Youngkin would have to run as a write-in candidate in New Hampshire if he misses that deadline.

Fox News Digital’s Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report

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