Greg Gutfeld: Biden’s ‘welfare state’ has no answers for anything

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld argued President Biden’s the welfare state has caused a shift toward focusing on “meaningless” issues such as ethnicity in the workforce and non-binary uniforms Wednesday on the “The Five.”


GREG GUTFELD: Why do we have federal government? It’s to manage the big national crises and wars. Basically it’s catastrophic insurance, you know. But the welfare state changed everything. We went from America the fireman to America the nanny, and a crappy one at that. 

Instead of being capable of addressing national crises, we’re talking about meaningless ones, like what ethnicity is the construction worker. Do the flight attendants have non-binary uniforms? This White House reminds me of the last Blockbuster, right? It’s got some empty store with a manager half asleep in the back, clock-watching between meals, no idea what’s going on and absolutely no customer service. If you want help from the government, they only pick up your call if you owe them money. They’ll help you to your wallet, but when this happens, where are they? They have no answers. They have no answers for anything, right? They’re like a paid escort, they’re only into you if they can get into your wallet. 

Imagine if they were in power during COVID. At the start, there would have been no Operation Warp Speed, not at all, and I’m saying that with hesitation about the vaccine for some people. But overall, that was a pretty amazing thing, never would have happened with these guys. These guys are so slow it’s ridiculous.

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