Happy Tuesday everybody. So how do you know when you’ve reached peak idiocy? When we now need diversity guidelines for clearing landmines. It seems Canada has just donated $4 million bucks toward an effort to clear landmines in Ukraine. But in a gender-inclusive manner. Because if there’s one thing we can agree on concerning the war in Ukraine, there simply isn’t enough gender-inclusive mine action, right? But let’s be clear upfront. Anyone in charge of clearing landmines is way braver than I am. I can barely clear my driveway. And if it’s something you accept as your job, I don’t care if you’re white, black, gay, trans, or identify as a Cabbage Patch Kid. How did anybody like those dolls? Hideous. Anyway, but it’s not about the dolls. It’s about how DEI insanity has infected everything. 

It used to corrupt only the places where useless people were, like academia or media. But now it’s airlines, medical school and war, even landmines. I’m sorry. I’m thinking with landmines, maybe inclusivity shouldn’t be anywhere on the list of priorities. The list should be pretty simple. Competence, patience, steady hands and balls the size of the Las Vegas Sphere. Think of Brian Kilmeade, and then think of someone who’s the opposite. Got to make landmines funny. Speaking of, before we go any further, we wanted to get a comment from a guy who knows his stuff. Johnny Joey Jones, who lost both his legs as a bomb disposal technician. Not a great one. Take it away, Joey. 

JOHNNY JOEY JONES: Hey, Greg, just want to let you know you have my full support to make fun of this ridiculous story about gender inclusivity when it comes to taking bombs apart. And just so you know, any gender transformation that happens while taking bombs apart– completely by accident. We didn’t mean for that to happen. 


Thank you, Joey. So on Saturday, Justin Trudeau released a list of Canada’s funding for support for Ukraine. Under a section called, “Gender Inclusive Demining for Sustainable Futures in Ukraine,” it explains the $4 million will go to manual clearance and targeted communities, but also, “establishing a gender and diversity working group to promote gender-transformative mine action in Ukraine.” This is insane. So that’s quite a goal: to add onto the burden of saving lives, including your own. You got to think about this. But it turns out DEI is part of their whole program for clearing landmines around the world. They even published a 75-page document on it.

According to the UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, “While these weapons may be indiscriminate, the specific threats and impacts vary according to gender, age, and other aspects of diversity. It is essential that mine action actors are equipped to apply a gender lens as part of a comprehensive and inclusive approach to planning, implementing and monitoring programs to ensure protection for all and to ensure that no one is left behind.” Boom. All right, stop right there, La Croix. I’ve tasted your flavored waters, and I wasn’t impressed. Why is it everyone named Jean-Pierre is full of crap. It’s almost as if Jean Pierre is French for dips***. 


But look, it’s safe to say landmine clearing is dangerous. You have to be right 100% of the time. You can’t even be wrong once. It’s the opposite of people at the U.N. who can layer this bulls*** on the backs of brave people every day without any risk. They’re in an office safely churning out this turd sausage while cashing the checks that taxpayers send them. Still, the U.N. thinks an inclusive workforce will increase the effectiveness of mine action activities and improve satisfaction at work. I have no idea how they will test this. Work satisfaction? I would assume there’s one metric- not dying. And if you put diversity before competence, that metric is going to get worse. So DEI has finally reached the mountaintop of risk. And even more, we now include everyone in that risk. 

But DEI has the same consequences here as it does everywhere else, whether it’s Harvard or United Air. It has an opportunity cost. Meaning the effort placed in this identity-obsessed lens is an effort that should be placed elsewhere, and the risk for disaster will grow. It’s why it scares us so much that it’s wormed its way into med schools. You have students learning more about pronouns than the pancreas. More about trans than transplants. But especially in the arena of clearing landmines, every little bit of idiocy you introduce matters. Of course landmines blowing up all sorts of people. Yeah, that’s true, but does that mean they have to be cleared by all sorts of people? Not really. 

DEI efforts have a mathematical roadblock. If you choose to fish from a small pond of applicants, you end up running out of qualified fish faster. So you need to fish from the lake, not the pond. Look, does anybody really believe Wokeism will make for better landmine clearing? We’re talking about defusing deadly explosives here, not getting misgendered in an office breakroom. You think using the right pronouns at work is a minefield? This is an actual f*** minefield, people. Who benefits from this? Not the people who need landmines cleared. 

They just want the best people to save them. And the LGBT community? Tell them the bomb squad needs trans women. Hell, Lia Thomas would suddenly grow a mustache and douse himself in Old Spice. He’d be pretty attractive too. But clearing landmines is just the latest human endeavor to be infected with diversity, equity and inclusion. Landmines are serious business, but the people making the rules apparently are not serious people. That’s leftism for you. 

Human life is less important than their woke agenda. So what if a few people lose a limb or two to meet a quota? It’s worth it to tell yourself you’re being inclusive. In this case, DEI might mean you die.