Fox News host Sean Hannity responds to President Biden and the media pointing fingers at former President Trump and Republicans for the crisis at the southern border.

SEAN HANNITY: As we warned you last night, the disastrous border bill is nothing more than a blatant attempt by Biden and the left – they just want to shift the blame for his border crisis squarely on the shoulders of Republicans. This is his and his alone.


So now it’s all the Republicans’ fault that Joe Biden’s wide open border with 10 million unvetted illegal immigrants – he has no responsibility in that? I thought they kept telling us, though, that the border is closed and the border is secure. Like, Democrats have been telling us this for three years… They’ve peddled that lie for three years. We all know the truth. They’re lying to us. That is not stopped the media mob, of course, from backing Biden and all those attempts to blame Republicans. 


Let me educate Joe Biden and all his willing accomplices of liars that I call the media mob. Congress is not at all not one bit responsible for this national security nightmare that Joe Biden created. The media mob, they have been silent, they have been complicit now for three years.