Jake Paul says he did ayahuasca with Aaron Rodgers, plans on doing darkness retreat

It’s been roughly four weeks since Jake Paul’s fight against Tommy Fury, where he lost by split-decision. Since then, he says he’s been “just relaxing and reflecting on life.”

Paul said to Fox News Digital that he had the “worst training camp” leading up to the fight. He said he got sick twice, overseas flights took a toll on him and, to be blunt, a wet dream in the middle of the night before the bout took “10%” off his performance in the ring.

He says he’s been “taking things slow” since then, just hanging out with friends and family before he grabs his CELSIUS energy drinks – for which he’s recently become a spokesman – and gets back into the gym.


“I think it’s always powerful to just take some time and see how everything unfolds, what the next steps are in terms of my boxing career in all that,” Paul said in a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

That sounds oddly similar to Aaron Rodgers‘ sentiments after the 2022 season, doesn’t it?

The four-time MVP NFL quarterback notably went on an isolation retreat in the dark to contemplate his future, and that’s actually in the cards for Paul himself.

“It’s funny, I was planning on doing the darkness retreat later this year,” Paul said.

But there’s one more wrinkle in this whole thing: Rodgers has been outspoken about his use of the hallucinogen ayahuasca. Well, it turns out Paul joined him on one of their trips.


“Aaron and I were actually together when we did the ayahuasca,” Paul said to Fox News Digital. “He’s more publicly known for speaking about it, but I was actually there with him when we did it. We spent the week there doing it. Definitely share that similarity in terms of spirituality and reflecting and going into the deepest parts of the mind. Definitely have been doing some of that.”

Rodgers came out of the darkness with the decision to play for the New York Jets – the formal trade is yet to be executed.

As for Paul, who also wears his hat as a promoter for the Professional Fighters League, he has some decisions to make on both his long- and short-term future.

“It’s interesting, man, and it’s tough to say. It’s tough to say what I’ll be doing. I think, for now, I’m focused on the next fight and that’s it. I think before, I’ve thought about what I’m going to do, how many fights I’m going to do, and it can be kind of stressful to think about that. But for me, I’m just going to take it fight by fight for now and keep the passion alive with that and just see where things take me, and not focus as much on the big picture versus the day-to-day is what I need to be focused on.”

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