Jenny McCarthy and her husband Donnie Wahlberg are more in love than ever as they celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. 

During a recent interview with People, the 51-year-old television personality gushed over the romantic gesture that the 54-year-old singer makes for her every week. McCarthy revealed that Wahlberg sends her flowers each Monday.

“Every week,” she stressed. “He’s never missed a Monday, in 10 years. He treats me like a queen.”

McCarthy continued, “He’s my everything. He still gives me butterflies. He’s the love of my life.”


“The Masked Singer” host added that she cherishes the love that she and the “Blue Bloods” star share for their blended family.

“He loves my son Evan. He loves his kids. I love his kids. They’re like my own,” McCarthy said.

Wahlberg shares two sons, Xavier, 31, and Elijah Wahlberg,,22 with his ex-wife, Kimberly Fey. McCarthy is mother to son, Evan, 21, whom she shares with her ex-husband, John Asher.

The former Playboy model admitted that both she and Wahlberg, who began dating in 2013 and tied the knot in August 2014, had to overcome tough times on the road to finding their way to each other.

“I think we both paid our dues in this lifetime, and we’re enjoying the benefits of everything we’ve learned along the way,” she said. 

“We’ve both gone through our trials and tribulations, and we’ve learned from those so that we can be happy in our bliss,” McCarthy added.

Despite their busy schedules, McCarthy emphasized that the pair make spending time together a priority.


“I start taping ‘Masked Singer’ in L.A. again soon,” she said. “And he is doing ‘Blue Bloods’ and is also starting his summer tour with the New Kids on the Block in June, but we always make time for each other no matter what, even if it’s just flying in to see each other for a day.”

During an interview with Fox News Digital in January, Wahlberg expressed similar thoughts while sharing his secrets to a happy marriage.

“First of all, we’re very, very much in love. Two things that really have helped us the most is we put our relationship first in our lives despite the fact that we’re both very busy,” he said. “We really put our relationship first in the decisions we make in our careers. We consult each other.”

Wahlberg also explained that the two have established a lasting relationship by learning from their past mistakes. The actor told Fox News Digital that since he and McCarthy both had past marriages, they “both desperately wanted it to work.”


“So, we had to put in the work, and that’s the other secret,” Wahlberg said. “People say relationships shouldn’t be work, but if you care about something, you work hard at it. So many times people don’t want to put that work into their relationship, and they think of work in a relationship as problems, but it’s actually problem prevention and problem-solving if you put it in the work.”

Wahlberg explained that it’s very “healthy” for his children and McCarthy’s son to see the pair putting in the work and effort to maintain a successful relationship.

To Wahlberg, incorporating date nights into his routine with McCarthy is considered putting in the work.

“Date nights are work, you know? I don’t mean it’s difficult to have a date night, but you have to make the choice to give each other that time,” Wahlberg said. “It’s very easy to get caught up in the kids and the jobs and the pets and the bills and all this stuff, and you just stop caring about the relationship.” 

Wahlberg pointed out that couples tend to have a lot of fun when they are dating and pursuing each other, and he doesn’t think that needs to stop once two people decide to get married.

“Do the little things that made you fall in love with each other even more after you’re married,” he said. “I think that’s what we try to do. We had a lot of fun when we were dating. Let’s continue to make the effort to have that fun now.”

Fox News Digital’s Janelle Ash contributed to this report.