Fox News’ Jesse Watters unpacks the ongoing digital revolution on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: One of the oldest tales in Greek mythology: the story of Pandora. Zeus was angry and ordered the creation of Pandora to use as a weapon. Historians described her as evil, hidden in beauty. Yes, Pandora was beautiful, but inside, she was artificial. A lifelike android sent to Earth to punish humans for discovering fire. Humans would be punished with Zeus’s wrath for their dangerous discoveries. The idea of a beautiful cyborg coming from another universe to punish humanity has been engraved in various cultures throughout the world, from ancient allegories to sci-fi books to the big screen.


But what if the digital revolution is really a war? A war that we’re losing. A war that we opened up and can’t put back in the box? Look around at the dinner tables in the country. Families and friends aren’t talking to each other. They’re silently hunchbacked over their phones. You go to a concert, instead of enjoying the moment, everyone’s fussing to record it. 

When you glance at your phone, what do you see? Scroll, scroll, scroll. You see friends you rarely see. And you’ll see strangers you’ll never know. They call it your feed, and it feels like a feeding tube into the lifeless body that doesn’t move. They say you’re hooked on your feed. But these are just images. They’re not really there. It’s cars, cooking, sports, beauty, money – the scroll addicts. You do it in action. You hold your breath. Ding! You get a text. It’s like Pavlov’s dog. Mouth starts watering. Who is it? That’s just Johnny. What does he want?

After staring at your phone, you feel sick. You know the feeling. Your eyes feel a little damaged. Your chest feels tight. Your shoulder feels sore. Your spine aches from tech neck. Now give that phone and feed it to a teen. Remember when you were a teen? You were a mess, vulnerable. Didn’t know what you thought. That phone’s a weapon and we’re getting hurt. So what are we going to do about it? Well, the politicians have a little game they play called “Embarrass the billionaire.”

Now, why would we think Washington could clean up Big Tech when they can’t even clean up the city they live in? Washington let an international sex trafficker, Jeff Epstein, wreak havoc for years at the highest level. Do you think Washington’s going to sanitize social media? Pedophiles get into Facebook just as easy as migrants get into the country. Don’t expect salesmen and politicians to enforce the rules that they wrote to be broken. Meta and six other tech stocks are the only companies right now keeping the stock market up. The Magnificent Seven. 

Washington is not allowed to go near these guys. DC’s layered with brigades of tech lobbyists, donations, golf junkets, no-show jobs for politicians’ wives. And when the politician or FBI agent leaves Washington, Big Tech has jobs for them. 

The FBI and Facebook suppressed the vote the last election. No one paid a price. Chuck Schumer’s daughters are working in lobbying for Facebook and Amazon. It’s a revolving door of patronage. Which is why they roll their eyes at the Hunter Biden thing. That’s the business model. Everybody does it. They win, you lose. So don’t let Zuckerberg be your dad. Wake up and unshackle yourself from tech addiction. Don’t rely on the government and a CEO. It’s time for the American people to start taking control.