Jon Cryer, Matthew Modine and other celebrities share hopes for safe return of missing actor Julian Sands

Jon Cryer, Matthew Modine and other celebrity friends of Julian Sands have shared their well-wishes for the British actor, who has been missing for a week after going hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles.

Actors and filmmakers posted messages on social media expressing their hopes and prayers for the safe return of the 65-year-old “A Room With A View” star, who was reported missing last Friday around 7:30 p.m. in the Mount Baldy area. 

“I’ve known since Friday that my friend Julian Sands has been missing on Mt. Baldy,” British producer and actor Cassian Elwes tweeted on Wednesday.

He continued, “I’m devastated. A very close family friend who was an adventurer in everything he did. I’ve said many prayers. Life is fleeting and precious.”


Cryer quote-tweeted Elwes’ tweet, adding, “I am hoping against hope that this will turn out to be just another one of his adventures. I’m so sorry for his family and friends going through this.”

“#JulianSands is a wonderful man, husband, father, and friend to so so many,” Modine tweeted. “A gentle, kind soul. Keep candles burning for his safe return from the mountain he loves.”

The “Full Metal Jacket” star also shared a statement about his missing friend with Fox News Digital.

“Julian and I met on a film project in southern England and became quick friends,” he wrote. “It was very easy for me to befriend him because Julian is so charming and bright. 

Modine continued, “I was happy to learn we shared mutual friends and over the years I was always happy to see him and hear about his courageous expeditions. He is a tremendous athlete and very knowledgeable about his journeys into nature. Julian has the soul of a poet and he shares that unique curiosity of those great adventurers from the past.”

“I pray for his safe return.”

Frank Marshall, who directed Sands in the 1990 horror comedy “Arachnophobia,” shared, “Hope and thoughts going out to the family of my dear friend and wonderful actor, Julian Sands, who is missing on Mt. Baldy. Let’s all pray for a miracle.”

Actresses Frances Fisher, Barbara Crampton and Elizabeth Perkins expressed their concern and hopes and prayers for Sands’ safe return in replies to Elwes’ tweet.

“#PrayForJulian,” Fisher wrote while Perkins posted two prayer hands emojis.

“Oh no, I hope he’s ok,” replied Crampton with a prayer hands emoji.

“It’s awful, Cassian,” Jim Piddock wrote. “A wonderfully talented and unique man and a delightful, generous friend. Hoping for a miracle.”

Rufus Sewell replied, “God, I really hope he’s OK.”

Samuel West tweeted an article about Sands’ disappearance, writing, “Please, please let Julian Sands be OK. A friend and an inspiration. Awful news.”

Elwes tweeted about Sands again on Thursday, writing, “The outpouring for Julian has been amazing. Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming for his safe return.

Authorities told Fox News Digital on Thursday that they had resumed their search for Sands and another hiker who was reported missing in the San Gabriel Mountains on Friday.

“Yes, an air crew has been up this morning,” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Mara Rodriguez said.

“No new information or signs of Mr. Sands were located.” 

Ground crews searched for Sands on Saturday near the Baldy Bowl, but they were forced to call off the search due to avalanche risk and worsening weather conditions.

“However, we did continue efforts by helicopter and by drone as the weather permitted,” authorities confirmed to Fox News Digital.

“We will schedule another ground search when the weather improves and when it is safe for the conditions of our ground crew.”


They added, “We recommend that other hikers do not go into that area as even experienced hikers are having a hard time.” 

Forest services and the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department are working together on search efforts. 

Sands was born in West Yorkshire, England, but currently resides in North Hollywood, California, per authorities. 

Sands has appeared in dozens of movies, including “The Killing Fields,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Warlock,” “Ocean’s 13,” “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” “Boxing Helena” and “Medallion.” His television credits include roles in “Smallville,” “Dexter,” “Gotham,” “Banshee” and “What/If.”

Due to a series of recent winter storms, authorities have warned that conditions in the Mount Baldy area are extremely dangerous. 

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said that they had conducted 14 search-and-rescue operations in the past month and two hikers were fatally injured in falls, per KTLA.

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