Kelly Osbourne hid with Ozzy for nine 9 months to avoid being body-shamed while pregnant

Kelly Osbourne spent the nine months of her pregnancy in hiding – and she has no regrets.

“I literally sat with my dad for nine months in a house, and I had the best pregnancy ever,” the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and TV personality Sharon Osbourne told Fox News Digital.

“We had a lot of fun,” the 38-year-old said. “We really did. But there was no way I was going to go out and about and have people see me and shame me because I was so big.”


The reality TV star welcomed her first child with Slipknot musician Sid Wilson in late 2022. She’s now teaming up with her family for “The Osbournes Podcast,” premiering Sept. 12. In the revived series, the Osbournes candidly discuss current events and look back at their lives in Hollywood.

While Osbourne was eager for motherhood, she was terrified of facing public scrutiny over her growing baby bump.

“I have been body-shamed since I was 14, 15 by the media,” Osbourne explained. “I was known as Ozzy’s chubby daughter. They’d always comment about my body and the way I looked. And I just wanted to be myself. I didn’t want to be the prettiest girl in the room, but I was penalized because I wasn’t. It’s one of those things where I am totally fine with the way that I look and am happy with myself and how I am as a person, but other people aren’t. And that’s on them. It’s not on me.”

“But people need to realize that we are responsible for our words,” she said. “Just because you’re behind a keyboard doesn’t make it OK. And I do think there should be more laws and rules against what people can do to another person [online]. It’s horrible.”

“Sometimes the comments section of my social media, you just can’t look at it because just as there are many mean ones, there are nice ones, and people say really lovely things, but your mind doesn’t focus on that. You focus on the bad ones that you have. It can derail you for the entire day, week or month.”

Osbourne said she tries not to let any comments about her weight and speculation about whether she’s had any work done get to her. But some days are better than others.


“I won’t lie and say there aren’t some days when I’m just like, ‘Holy f—k, that is mean,’” she said.

While Osbourne initially shared two photos of herself holding a sonogram to announce her pregnancy, she didn’t reveal any snaps of her growing bump to her 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

In her third trimester, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, People magazine reported. According to the outlet, she cut down on processed sugar to deal with the symptoms of weight gain, fatigue and ankle swelling.

“I hid for nine months when I was pregnant because I didn’t want what they did to Jessica Simpson when she was pregnant [to happen to me],” said Osbourne about the star being mercilessly body-shamed.

“I think it was disgusting,” said Osbourne. “I still think it’s disgusting. It’s horrible, absolutely horrible. She was pregnant. What are you supposed to look like when you’re pregnant?”

“Rihanna changed the pregnancy style game in such a magical way,” said Osbourne about the singer’s daring maternity looks during her two pregnancies.


“I think what she did was incredible, but not every girl is Rihanna,” Osbourne continued. “I definitely felt the pressure [to lose weight after giving birth]. And I 100% caved into losing the baby weight. I’m happy I lost it, but it was because I didn’t want to be picked on.”

During an appearance on “Red Table Talk” in 2021, Osbourne opened up about her desire to have children and feeling “behind” because she struggled with substance abuse. She previously relapsed after nearly four years sober. In 2022, she celebrated one year of sobriety.

“I hit a bump in the road and went back to treatment because I needed to get to the root of my mental health issues,” Osbourne reflected. “And I did. And we talk about that very openly [on the podcast]. We’ve all had struggles with health and mental health in this family. It’s so important for us to talk about it and share what we’ve been through because it helps get rid of the stigma, and it helps let people know that they’re not alone.”

Osbourne revealed that being a mom to her son, Sidney, has given her a new lease on life. She pointed out that Ozzy and Sharon are doting grandparents.

“I learned that I am so capable of doing a million things at once and I thought I wasn’t,” she said. “I think what surprised me the most is just how much I love my son. I know that you love your baby – that’s meant to happen. But I love him more than I ever thought I was capable of loving. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world. I love being a mom.”

“I love all the mom stuff,” she said. “I’m two seconds away from getting a Karen haircut and a family minivan because I love anything to do with motherhood. Even when I’m tired and covered in puke and haven’t slept, or we’re both sick, every single part of it is still amazing.”

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