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Lara Trump blasts FBI’s attempt to ‘thwart’ the Trump campaign after new revelations on Steele dossier

Fox News contributor Lara Trump responded to revelations that the FBI offered $1 million to Christopher Steele if he could corroborate accusations against former President Trump in his dossier. On “Fox & Friends” Thursday, Lara Trump highlighted that father-in-law’s claims about the Russia probe were mocked by the left and the mainstream media, but later turned out to be true.


LARA TRUMP: Yet again, something that Donald Trump talked about years ago and don’t forget, was mocked and ridiculed for, was actually true. This is shocking to hear this sort of thing. We all have seen the damage that the FBI has done to its own reputation just recently in the unprecedented and unnecessary raid of a former president’s home. But you go back here, and it looks like it started in 2016. By all accounts, it looks like there was a coordinated effort to thwart a presidential campaign. The FBI was apparently willing to pay 1 million United States taxpayer dollars to anyone who could confirm these outrageous, disgusting and disparaging allegations against my father-in-law. 

We know what happened. We know that that FISA warrant actually went forward. We know that they knew from the beginning that all of this was a lie, and it still went forward. Don’t forget where this all started. Don’t forget Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, told us Hillary Clinton was the one who gave the green light to push this out to the media to continue this Russia collusion narrative. And I think for so many people, they say, who is held accountable? When are they held accountable? How far up the chain at the FBI and the DOJ does this actually go? Because we are now in year six or so of having to deal with this. When do we get answers on this, and when do people get their reputations back, the money they had to pay to defend themselves over these false allegations? It’s absolutely disgusting, and honestly, it’s frightening that this could happen in America. Six years later, we are still learning more. 

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