Fox News host Laura Ingraham discusses efforts by the Democratic Party to “cling to power” by going after former President Trump on “The Ingraham Angle.”


LAURA INGRAHAM: Tyrants in training, that’s the focus of tonight’s “Angle.” Is Donald Trump at risk of being America’s first real political prisoner? I thought a lot about this over the weekend. Now, with the unconscionable financial judgment in that New York civil fraud case, the Fani Willis debacle in Georgia, the efforts to knock Trump off state ballots, and of course, let’s not forget Jack Smith’s January 6th criminal prosecution – what else are Trump supporters supposed to think? 

Now, there are various ways that despots cling to power. Political opposition is eliminated through censorship of opposing views, intimidation of freethinkers through harassment, and also show trials, of course, and imprisonment of the opposition. That’s all part of it. And then there’s always the threats to family members and financial ruin. Well, Donald Trump is facing all of that. 

Now, how do we know this is all political? Well, aside from New York’s totally novel application of fraud statutes or Fulton County’s spurious claims that Trump is running some kind of RICO enterprise, there’s this obvious point, had Trump just quietly retired from politics, none of us would have heard about Leticia or Fani or Jack. Russia and its Biden-era ally, China, well, they’re pros, aren’t they, at destroying dissent before it gets too powerful? They’re brutally vicious and efficient. China subjugates and tortures Uyghur Muslims. Russia crushes the pro-freedom protesters, imprisons Navalny, then announces a sudden death. Now, anyone who challenges the ruling authority now knows the same fate can happen to them. 

Now, by the same token, loyalists who prove themselves, you know, to be, you know, real followers of the movement, well, they get special privileges and accolades and that’s exactly what the leaders of the Get Trump crew are hoping.