Fox News’ Laura Ingraham showcases how the left goes after political enemies on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, everyone needs to understand tonight that Biden’s left-wing flank will do anything and everything to blow up Trump’s chances in November. And the election? Their goal, of course, is to fundamentally change America because they believe our country is too rich and too racist. Now, their M.O. can be summed up in one line: Reward your friends and punish your enemies. So, no matter where they gain a foothold – think about academia, corporate America, the courts, federal agencies, the media, the entertainment industry, even the churches – they start purging conservatives from their ranks, and then they begin using those institutions to persecute their political enemies. The principles of fairness, objective standards, equal justice, all of it goes right out the window. 


Now, Claudine Gay got that Harvard post, not because she’s the best of the best. She got her post because she was in the club and would follow orders. Now, once left-wing apparatchiks are in place, the real damage is inflicted. Thanks to the left’s dream of cashless bail in New York, migrants who beat up those New York cops, they’re already roaming free. And literally, they gave America the double finger after being released. Well, the New York Post is reporting that police now believe that four of the migrants who beat up the cops have already hopped on a bus to California. They apparently gave fake names to a nonprofit that helps migrants get out of the city. The nonprofit gets money from you, the taxpayer. 

So zero consequences for them, but not for the January 6th defendants because they were political enemies. So the DOJ wanted to make examples of them. That explains the nationwide dragnet, the federal resources poured into their prosecution. They’re still looking for, like, 300 people. Of course, the solitary confinement, the obscenely long prison sentences, all of it. Because in the Democrats’ warped worldview, the J6ers should be cast out of society forever and never, ever be allowed to work again, even if they didn’t enter the Capitol, even if they didn’t commit acts of violence. It doesn’t matter. 

Well, what about those two congressional staffers who filmed themselves having gay sex in a Capitol hearing room and then posted it on the internet? Well, since the establishment likes that sort of behavior, they’re part of a protected class, and no charges will be filed. So what happened to Congress’s demand that we protect those sacred, hallowed halls? Remember Pelosi after January 6th? Well, you’re half nude, you’re bent over a conference table. But if you’re a liberal, you’re good. But you put your legs up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk and you’re behind bars for four and a half years. Again, they believe the purpose of every institution is to help their friends and to punish their enemies.