Fox News host Laura Ingraham details the demise of the border bill in the Senate on “The Ingraham Angle.”


LAURA INGRAHAM: If Sinema, by the way, was so sure that this bill was a winner, why didn’t she just demand that McConnell and Schumer delay things maybe a few weeks, then hold a few town halls to whip up public support? And why didn’t Lankford insist on at least a full week of debate on this bill? Why didn’t they both vociferously oppose leadership’s crackdown maneuver of releasing the bill’s text Sunday night and then rushing to a cloture vote today? 

Of course it was going to fail. We tried to warn them. Americans are not stupid, even if they think we are. We beat the powerful Chamber of Commerce. We beat the corporate media. We beat the pro-amnesty crowd, and of course, the old establishment. Not bad. And if they try to resurrect this corpse, we’re going to beat them again. 

Also, this episode demonstrated that the dinosaur media is losing power and influence. That’s a very good thing. Corporate censors could not prevent the truth about this legislation from coming out. Obviously, you’ve been watching “The Angle” as we meticulously laid out the parade of horribles that the Senate had embedded in this bill, and then the education continued on Elon Musk’s X, where brilliant senators posted page numbers and entire sections of the offending text. It was devastating. Thank God Elon Musk can weather the advertiser boycotts and thank God he doesn’t mind being hated by all the right people.