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Liberal Philadelphia DA Krasner faces impeachment vote as critics accuse him of ‘dereliction of duty’

One Pennsylvania state lawmaker called out Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, accusing him of being “derelict in his duties” as he faces impeachment over what many identify as his soft-on-crime policies. 

Pennsylvania State Rep. Martina White (R) voted to impeach Krasner, and she joined “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday to discuss why she believes he should be ousted from office. 

“He has misbehaved in office, and he has been derelict in his duties,” White told co-host Bill Hemmer. “And we are seeing the ramifications of that with the crisis of crime that Philadelphia is facing right now.”


“He has been documented as lying to the courts, including a Supreme Court justice that his aides misled,” she continued. “He’s been accused of misleading a grand jury and violating the civil rights of a police officer. He has disregarded victims of crime as it pertains to sentencing matters, and so these are just a few of the items that will be presented today to the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania.”

State lawmakers voted to impeach Krasner on Tuesday, and a floor vote on the move is expected to take place on Wednesday. 

If it goes to the Pennsylvania State Senate, it will need a two-thirds vote to pass. 

“The people of Philadelphia are fed up, and they have said enough is enough,” White said. “Even our local police commissioner [Danielle] Outlaw, she has said, we are tired of having to send our officers into harm’s way to serve warrants on suspects who have no business being out on our streets in the first place.”

The two impeachment proposals claim that Krasner’s leadership has been a direct cause of increasing violent and property crimes and that he obstructed the House’s work by not sufficiently complying with a subpoena from the legislative committee investigating him. 

White reiterated how outraged the city’s residents are over the crime surge, which continues to plague the community. 

“There has been a sufficient and an exorbitant amount of outrage coming from Philadelphia,” White said. “The people of Philadelphia, as well as elected officials, they are fed up. They’ve had enough.”

“I think that what needs to happen is this man needs to be impeached for his misbehavior in office and to ensure that the safety of our citizens is maintained and that law and order is restored to our streets,” she continued. 

Crime is up overall in Philadelphia nearly 24% since last year.

Fox News’ Louis Casiano and The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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