Louisiana mom says baby formula shortage not improving despite Biden admin claims: ‘Still a nightmare’

Families across the U.S. continue struggling to find baby formula after months of supply shortages, with one Louisiana mother telling “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday she still struggles to feed her premature twins.

“They just became five months old, so they are transitioning off of the preemie formulas. They were at one prior and now they are on two different formulas. … It’s just still a nightmare,” said Amber Bergeron.

Despite the White House claiming that the formula shortage has improved, moms like Bergeron are not seeing the improvements.


“I’d love to know where it’s improving because it’s not here. I can assure you of that. Everybody that I know that has babies has gone through this exact same thing, trying to find the formula that they need, trying different alternative substitutes.”

Bergeron said, “Babies are getting sick. And which is exactly what happened with mine. Not every baby can have a different substitute for a different formula.”

Bergeron said it is “infuriating” to feel like no one in charge cares about how mothers like herself can feed their babies.

“They’re not worrying about how to feed their children. It’s not a priority to them. And we continue to be shown that the American people are not the priority right now, much less our babies.”

The White House said Monday it has organized the rapid importation of 330,000 pounds of baby formula from Australia to address ongoing shortages at retail stores across America.

The Biden administration’s Operation Fly Formula was announced in May to address these shortages, and the Australia mission is the 23rd operation conducted so far under the effort.

The latest effort involves two flights, one of which took place on Sept. 7 and another to occur on Sept. 16. Combined, the two flights will deliver the equivalent of 4.9 million 8-ounce bottles of Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula to Dallas, Texas. The product will then be distributed to U.S. retailers.

Fox News’ Peter Kasperowicz contributed to this reportFox News’ Peter Kasperowicz contributed to this report

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