Louisiana women wanted for prostitution now sought in connection to death of Georgia man found wrapped in rug

Louisiana authorities are looking for two women wanted for prostitution in connection with the death of a 42-year-old Georgia man found wrapped in a rug after he went missing. 

Tabbetha Barner and Tiffany Ann Guidry are being sought by the Baton Rouge Police Department. Barner is wanted for prostitution and failure to seek assistance. Guidry is wanted on unlawful disposal of human remains, prostitution, and failure to seek assistance.


Millard, a father of five who was in town on business, was found dead on March 6 behind a closed Baton Rouge funeral home, FOX Atlanta said. He was wrapped in a rug and plastic. He allegedly overdosed on crack cocaine, according to warrants obtained by WAFB-TV. 

Millard had a meeting on Feb. 22 and went to a Louisiana State University game, the news report said. Hours later, he left a bar after being cut off by the bartender, the report said. He then walked around and encountered a security guard at a Greyhound bus station. 

The guard told police that Millard looked out of place and offered him help but was declined. At some point, Millard was seen walking next to another man who appeared to be stumbling. 

That man, Derrick Perkins, 45, is wanted for questioning in the case and on unrelated warrants. Millard’s body was found nearly two weeks later two miles from the bus station. Perkins allegedly dumped Millard and tried to find Narcan, used to treat a drug overdose, to revive him after ingesting drugs, WAFB-TV reported.

At some point, Perkins reportedly introduced Millard to a Black prostitute but Millard wanted a White one instead, the news report said, citing warrants. He found two White prostitutes and they all went to a home where they allegedly used drugs. 

An autopsy revealed “’no evidence of internal or external,” but investigators were waiting on a toxicology report to make a final ruling on his death.

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