Miami Mayor hammers Biden administration for ‘ignoring’ ‘tremendous opportunity’ to address security threat

At the conference of U.S. mayors Friday, President Biden assured Americans he is taking action on the border despite continued migrant surges. On “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez responded to the president’s claims, arguing that not only is the administration not taking action but it is also squandering an opportunity to address threats to the western hemisphere and empower nations in the Americas. 


FRANCIS SUAREZ: I think our border crossings have surged enormously under his administration. I think that’s number one. And so it doesn’t seem like they’re taking any action in terms of border security. They haven’t funded border security in their funding bills, and then they’ve underappreciated the rise of socialism in this hemisphere, which is really what’s putting immigration pressure on the country. A lot of immigrants that are coming in illegally are coming in from countries that are either socialist or are trending to socialist. And I think there’s a tremendous opportunity to deal with that head-on and stop ignoring it or underappreciating it. And that’s not happening. And so when you look at the competition that we have with China, our supply chain, which is more vulnerable than ever after COVID, there’s an opportunity to near-shore some of that production and bring it back to the United States as well, and manufacture more of our products and reduce the trade imbalance with China, which should create more prosperity in our hemisphere and depressure immigration. None of those long-term solutions are being offered by this administration. It’s completely ignored what’s happening in the hemisphere. There’s no strategy, and there’s nothing that can depower China and empower our hemisphere. So to me, those are three easy things that can be done, including border security, that are not being done.

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