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Move over Twitter and Facebook check out Square3

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon have really made some crazy to explain decisions lately. These decisions have fueled more destruction and rage through Americans. Censorship is not the American way. Censoring the President of the United States and allowing the dictator of Iran to continue spewing anti-Jewish and anti-American rhetoric is hypocrisy at it’s best. It’s not only that it’s also treason and illegal. These companies came together to ruin our country.

Introducing a true and honest town square where anyone has the freedom to speak. Square3’s about page states:

In America, at least last time we checked, you were allowed to freely speak your mind even if others did not agree. Violent speech does not always mean physical violence and sometimes it’s an efficient way to prevent violence.

So go get yourself Town Squared and get to posting for freedom. Join Square3 so we can stop the steal together. Get squared.

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