NYC pizza shop owner says he prayed, prepared himself to take bullet as armed robbers hit his business

A New York City pizza shop owner said Friday he feared for his life and was preparing himself to take a bullet, as masked gunmen stormed his business looking for cash. 

‘Railroad Pizza’ owner Levi Aronow joined “Fox & Friends,” describing the frightening incident to host Lawrence Jones. Aronow was forced to the ground by the men as they robbed his restaurant, Railroad Pizza, in Brooklyn, New York.

“I actually started reciting a chapter of Psalms, because I did not know when that bullet was going to come through my back,” said Aronow.

He was approached by “two unknown males” who “entered the premise and forcibly removed property” from the store owner on May 8, according to the New York Police Department. 


The robbery took place at around 11:02 p.m. and lasted about seven minutes, the NYPD told Fox News Digital citing video footage caught on the store’s security camera.

The footage, obtained by the neighborhood watch group Shomrim Crown Heights Rescue Patrol, shows two men dressed in dark pants and light-colored hoodies, and wearing gloves and masks to hide their identities.

Aronow said he’d never experienced anything like this before and was in the basement of the pizza shop when the robbers arrived.

“I’m supposed to be comfortable in my own space, and I turn around to see this gentleman behind me or in front of me at this point. … It took me a second to actually realize what was going on. I believe at that point he said ‘I have a gun on me and give me all your money.’ And it still didn’t register until a few moments later,” he said.

Aronow said he could tell the men were angered that he didn’t have cash, so he gave them his debit card and the pin number to “de-escalate the situation.” He said the men also took his phone, AirPods, “green card” and ID. 

Despite the robbery, he said he still plans to expand his business and wanted to deliver a message to the men who robbed him.

“We all make choices and it’s a shame that this is how they chose to make a living. I, on the other hand, took the time to take on the challenges of starting a business. So much so that we’re going to be pushing forward. We’re going to be opening our second location in a few weeks. Our third lease is already signed with plans to go nationally.”

Officers were able to locate the phone and AirPods that the robbers had stolen and placed inside a gutter. They also sent other patrol members to monitor the area since the robbery took place, for security purposes, the report stated. 

Fox News Digital reached out to the patrol for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

Fox Business’ Emily Robertson contributed to this report.

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