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OPINION: Should police have their fatal weapons taken from them

There has been a constant stream of violence perpetuated by the sheriff, police and their deputies. These deputies are supposed to serve their communities but instead shoot innocent people dead that are running away. This is called murder, all us regular folks have to follow the law. Police seem to get off the hook in nearly all cases when they purposely murder someone in cold blood.

We strongly support some type of law organization, whether we call it police in the future or something else. What we do not believe in is the law enforcement officers to have fatal weapons at this point. They have proven time and time again that they cannot be responsible with these weapons. We need to stop trying to defund the police, because I feel that will never happen, and take away their fatal weapons. No more guns, instead further reaching disabling devices. Is there a situation with someone with a gun, don’t send law enforcement, send the SWAT/Escalations team.

If lower level law enforcement stopped harassing the community with useless traffic violations and focus on real crimes, without deadly force, we can clean up the streets and build a safer community for us all.

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