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Parents of Idaho murder victim speak out after arrest of Kohberger: ‘We feel lucky knowing we have somebody’

Steve and Kristi Goncalves, the parents of murdered Idaho student Kaylee, said they feel “lucky” knowing their daughter’s alleged murderer is behind bars nearly seven weeks after her death Tuesday on “Hannity.” 

“Nothing feels worse than having nobody and just nothing but doubt. In seven weeks of that or close to seven weeks of that was a tremendous amount of pressure on us,” Steve Goncalves said. 

“You know, your children look for you to tell them what’s going to happen and how things are going to go. And you can’t, you can’t, control anything. And you just sit back, and you just wait, and it’s very hard to get over.” 

Bryan Kohberger, a 28-year-old criminology Ph.D. student, was arrested on December 30th at his parent’s home in eastern Pennsylvania. 

He was charged with first-degree murder and felony burglary. 

Kaylee’s mother told host Sean Hannity the past few weeks have been “like a nightmare you just never, ever wake up from.” 

“There’s not a second throughout the day that I don’t think about Kaylee and what happened to her. It’s sickening,” she said. 

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20, were stabbed to death at an off-campus home on Nov. 13. 

The Moscow Police Department offered few updates on the investigation at times, causing critics to question if the small-town force could handle the case. 

Steve Goncalves, who was critical at times of how the case was progressing, said investigators did a “tremendous job.” 

“I think that you know, it’s never fast enough for a father. You’re impatient and you want to know everything right then and there. But I feel good. I feel like they’ve done a tremendous job,” he added. 


“I know that they have been working hard. We just had a lot of holidays. These guys were working out of town. I really appreciate all the effort that they gave. I mean, there were times where I was tough on them, but I know these are strong men and women, and I know they can handle just a little bit of pushback, and we are where we want to be, and they put us there.” 

Host Sean Hannity asked what the appropriate justice would be in the case. 

“Well, considering that this person went in there that night with the intent to kill and showed no mercy, unprovoked, and killed our daughter, her best friend, and their two friends. We are glad that we live in the state of Idaho with the death penalty,” Kristi Goncalves said. 

Kohberger waived extradition and will be brought to Moscow, Idaho, to face charges. 

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