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Paul Pelosi saga shows NBC ‘hypocrisy,’ says former CIA official

Radio host and former CIA officer Buck Sexton slammed NBC News’ suspension of correspondent Miguel Almaguer shortly after his report on Paul Pelosi was scrubbed from the outlet’s website.

Sexton went after the network for suspending Almaguer over purported violation of journalistic standards, while allowing anchors and pundits to wax continually about the alleged fallacy of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“I think it’s pretty straight forward,” he said. “This is yet again the American people being shown what the rules of so-called journalism are: Liars get Pulitzers and truth tellers get fired – or in this case, suspended – because it’s all about activism.”

Almaguer had originally reported “sources familiar” with what occurred at the Pelosis’ residence in San Francisco said law enforcement were unaware they were responding to the Speaker’s residence and that Mr. Pelosi opened the door and did “not immediately declare an emergency or tried to leave.” 


The report was accused in some corners of fueling purported conspiracy theories about the true timeline of events that led to suspect David DePape allegedly brutally assaulting Pelosi with a hammer.

Sexton compared the treatment of Almaguer’s story to that of Hunter Biden’s, saying as a former CIA officer, much of the intel community disgraced themselves by signing onto the letter that disputed the laptop story.

“It’s all about support of the partisan narrative in the moment,” he said of both the Pelosi and Biden angles. “I mean, as a former intelligence officer watching those clips of people saying that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation… they were certainly trying to destroy it there, and they did a good job of it.”

The clips referenced included a montage of NBC segments featuring then-anchor Kasie Hunt, Morgan State University Professor Jason Johnson, and former Obama intel official Jeremy Bash disputing the Hunter Biden laptop story’s veracity.

Fox News host Will Cain further stated many who ask for the facts in the Pelosi story are labeled conspiracy theorists, saying mainstream sources purportedly paint DePape as a MAGA Republican despite his status as an illegal immigrant with ties to nudism.

“Simply questioning the facts makes you guilty of a conspiracy,” Cain said.

Sexton appeared to agree:

“We see this time and time again where, even if eventually the truth comes out, there’s no punishment – we didn’t even get into Russia collusion, for example, where the entire Democrat-aligned corporate media spent four years – they still say it’s kind of true in some ways.”


“They understand that these are actually the rules – This is what we are dealing with. This is not a bug. This is a feature. This is the desire of the Democrats to use the biggest media outlets they possibly can to tell the most important lies: the biggest lies, or even just suppress the truth in moments of peril for their power.”

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