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Prince Harry and Camilla, once close, are ‘distant’ amid bombshell book expected to rock palace: royal expert

It looks like Harry and Meghan departed back to the U.S. without securing the dream reality of sorting out their roles within the royal family.

As you will recall, the duo arrived in PR fanfare on a flying visit to the U.K. to see many of their favorite charities, and not really having enough time to pop up to Balmoral Castle to see extended family. Such was their tight schedule. But things, as we know, took a turn for the worst. And then the demise of our wonderful monarch took over the world.

New theories have come forward that Harry and Meghan were asked if her family would indeed like to attend the state funeral. Whatever people may think of Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, they are part of the British royal family, connected via marriage. Now, this is speculation at the highest order simply because when you think about it, why would they be invited?

Let’s face it, the Abbey at Westminster could have been filled with people 10 times over with all the wonderful presidents and leading lights our great monarch met over the years. But now, the story goes that they were both invited.


Speaking directly to a reliable source at the palace, they revealed to me, “It’s possible an option was put before the duke and duchess, but there was no formal invitation. And of course, I hear that the duchess had her mother looking after her two young children back home in L.A. As for Thomas Markle, he is in no fit state to travel given his recent health setback. So, while a great story to claim … [it] is a bit far-fetched but great tabloid fodder.”

That said, it appears Meghan does have a rather distant kind of relationship with members of her family. And of course, some might think she did not want any focus taken away from the queen.

Now, what about the offer to chat and meet with the new King Charles for a clear-the-air-style summit? Naturally, it was what Meghan — and I believe Harry — would have liked, but King Charles has rather a lot on his plate. And of course, when you think about it now, it’s not the best of times.


I would say Meghan’s intentions on this were good in many respects, but as ever with her, the optics are not great, and maybe “The Cut” interview just could have cut right through the brand-new king. It’s also given that Harry is still planning to plow ahead with his memoir. I hear it will feature a starring role for his stepmother, Camilla. The closeness is not what it was. Also, Camilla herself has not had the best of times of late given a broken toe and all the demanding duties that the Queen Consort role brings.

Harry and Camilla are said to be “distant,” and again, who can blame her when she could easily be reading rather unpleasant news via the book? She does wonder, though, what she has done wrong. Prior to the marriage, Harry and Camilla were very close and enjoyed a fun, informal friendship in which he confided in her. However, a source told me that now, for no apparent reason, it appears that she is no longer the confidant she once was with Harry.

Now, she awaits like many people her fate as it appears in the book, which is set to be another bombshell for the senior royals.

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