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‘Pro-life Spiderman’ free climbs 40-story Chase Tower: ‘I want to show people how to have faith over fear’

Maison Des Champs, the so-called “Pro-life Spiderman,” scaled the 40-story, 483-foot Chase Tower in Phoenix, Arizona, to raise money for a mother in need. 

Des Champs, 23, free-climbed the state’s tallest building before being arrested by police once he reached the top. 

“I climb these buildings because I want to show people how to have faith over fear,” he said Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 

“Abortion is murder, and that’s the truth. Yet so many people my age are scared to speak the truth. They’re scared to offend. They’re scared to lose friends. But we can’t be scared. Abortion is just like climbing a skyscraper. It’s a matter of life or death. And we don’t have time for fear.”

Des Champs told host Tucker Carlson he was raising money for a woman named Hope, who is 22 weeks pregnant and partially disabled. 


He said he wanted to show her she “doesn’t need to have an abortion and she doesn’t need to live in fear.” “I am praying every day for her that she can receive the help and care. And I know that what I do is risky, and I know what I do is dangerous, but it’s something that needs to be done,” he explained.

The avid climber scaled the 1,070-foot Salesforce Tower in San Francisco in May 2022 and has also scaled the New York Times building and the Renaissance Center Tower in Detroit. 

Des Champs helps raise money for Let Them Live, a nonprofit organization that helps “abortion-minded” mothers financially and emotionally, according to its website.

“Not everybody can climb a skyscraper, but everyone can speak out and everyone can help save a baby at a time by going to and helping Hope, you know, receive the support and care that she needs,” he said. 

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