Fox News host Sean Hannity calls out President Biden’s agenda ahead of the 2024 presidential election on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Democrats, the media mob, they will work in unison. That I can predict with certainty. They will be on a never-ending nonstop smear campaign. Regardless of the Republican candidate, they will obsessively focus on Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, January 6, January 6 and of course, abortion. They don’t want to ever talk about Joe Biden’s accomplishments. Why? Because there really aren’t any. They won’t defend Biden’s radical agenda because it has resulted in one national disaster after another and you, the American people, you can see it.  


They don’t want to talk about Bidenomics because what? Two-thirds of our fellow countrymen are living paycheck to paycheck and the American people are getting wrecked by Joe Biden’s economy of inflation, high interest rates. They don’t want to talk about Biden’s performance on the world stage. Why? Because the president has been bullied over and over and over again by our top geopolitical foes as Joe has abdicated America’s role on the world stage.  

The world is paying a consequence. We see China openly planning an invasion or what they call reunification. It’s an invasion of our ally Taiwan, while harassing our military in the Pacific, both in international airwaves and international waterways, spying on our nuclear sites right here in the continental United States with a slow-moving spy balloon that it turns out they knew all about. On top of all the intellectual property theft, all of their unfair trade practices, we now see war in Europe as Russia invaded Ukraine and war continues there. It seems like there’s no end in sight. Biden is utterly failed to deter what is one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent history. Of course, we have Iran, the number one state sponsor of terror. They are enriching uranium at the fastest pace ever, all while directing proxy wars and other proxies to attack Americans and our allies all over the region.