Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to Hunter Biden‘s legal team stating that they are willing to participate in a hearing or deposition if House panels issue a new subpoena. This comes after Hunter’s unannounced visit during the House Oversight Committee’s contempt hearing.

SEAN HANNITY: We turn to the president’s adult son ‘Zero Experience’ Hunter, who is once again asking for special treatment after allegedly now failing to pay taxes on what is millions of dollars in income. Money he purportedly acquired by selling access to the federal government through the Biden brand. 

Now, first, he refused to comply with a legally binding congressional subpoena. Now, you might remember President Trump’s children. They complied with multiple subpoenas from House Democrats. Not Hunter. He believes, I guess he deserves special treatment. And then, of course, the big stunt – Hunter showing up at his own contempt hearing with his own camera crew in tow, and the president’s son apparently trying to make a clown show out of what was a serious official proceeding to film content for his upcoming documentary. And the hopes, I guess, of making even more money. 


But now that the president’s entitled son is facing a real possibility of contempt of Congress charges, well, Hunter wants a do-over and is now demanding that the House issue a brand-new subpoena that he can accept. And by the way, Hunter’s attorneys even suggested possible terms for the new subpoena. Hunter is playing games with the people’s House in order to drag this out as long as possible. He has had no respect for this ongoing investigation. He’s had no respect for the rule of law, and neither has his father, the Big Guy Joe.