SEAN HANNITY: Hunter Biden is facing prosecution only because David Weiss got caught

Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to the latest developments in the Hunter Biden case, but says the House’s probe into President Biden is an even “more serious” investigation.

SEAN HANNITY: Special counsel David Weiss is seeking at least one gun charge against Hunter. But make no mistake, let me be very clear up front here. This is not a cause for celebration. Just not – because you don’t want to ever see anybody arrested or have hard times in their life. But it’s hardly even a step in the right direction when we talk about justice being blind. Hunter is now facing prosecution only because David Weiss got caught giving Hunter Biden that get out of jail free card in the form of what was the sweetest of all sweetheart deals in history. No jail time, no serious charges, a gentle slap on the wrist, full immunity hidden deep into the plea deal, trying to get that passed the judge. And remember, the original plan was no charges at all, whatsoever and then the IRS whistleblowers made that plan obsolete and impossible. 

So David Weiss came up with plan B that included immunity and that became the next best option. No jail time, no real charges. It was all going according to plan until that Delaware federal judge started asking important and pivotal questions. The best question in my mind was to the prosecutor. Have you ever seen a diversion agreement talking about the gun portion of the agreement that is so broad that it encompasses crimes and other cases? They tried to bury the immunity in the gun provision of the plea deal. The prosecutor had to reply, ‘No, your Honor.’ Now, ultimately the judge and the defense, they rejected the deal. The judge, rightfully so, because she didn’t see that deal until that morning and that had never been given out to anybody else and the defense, they wanted to get out of jail free card without immunity. 


Now, equally important, we have now learned from both the IRS and FBI whistleblowers that, in fact, Weiss and others purposely were slow walking the investigation into Hunter Biden for years and that Weiss, as you all know, we’ve reported it, he let the statute of limitations run out on very serious tax felonies for a lot of important years, especially with Burisma money. Now, these are felonies… You know, you think anybody with the last name Trump, they would ever get this type of treatment? I don’t think so.

 They never even interviewed Hunter Biden in a four plus year investigation. After the entire Biden family that was tipped off about the FBI, no investigation, no interview of Hunter, no future interrogation. So here we are – either David Weiss, now special counsel, is the most incompetent lawyer in the world or this was all very intentional. I happen to believe the latter. 


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