Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to Hunter Biden‘s not guilty plea and says the president’s son is an accused tax cheat facing allegations of corruption, bribery, FARA violations, gun crimes, drug crimes and sex crimes.

SEAN HANNITY: Today, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty in federal court to felony charges of tax evasion. Now, the president’s 53-year-old son is accused of stiffing the government of more than $1 million in taxes. But apparently, Hunter feels no guilt, no remorse for not paying his fair share. He also seemingly has no regrets about defying that congressional subpoena. 

So yesterday, while Hunter flouted his impunity during that surprise appearance on Capitol Hill to attend his very own contempt hearing, he sat in the back of the room glaring at lawmakers, his camera crew in tow. It was either a sad attempt to intimidate members of Congress or probably likely, a stunt for his upcoming documentary. Either way, Hunter didn’t stick around for very long – fleeing the room after getting publicly humiliated by Congresswoman Nancy Mace of South Carolina.