SEAN HANNITY: SEAN HANNITY: Will Joe Biden be held accountable?

Fox News host Sean Hannity discusses how both President Biden and his son Hunter are now under separate federal investigations in the wake of the discovery of classified documents found in the president’s possession.

SEAN HANNITY: Now, for the first time in presidential history, we have both the president and his zero-experienced son facing criminal investigations. No surprise there. The father son duo – they seem to do everything together, finances. They co-mingle, they take trips together, they shared vehicles together, credit cards together. Hunter even lived with Pops well into his forties, and it is an undeniable fact that the pair did business together. Now, this, of course, all despite Joe Biden’s many denials. And breaking tonight, we have even more evidence from the laptop from hell of Hunter.

 Look at this, from a 2017 email now unearthed by the Daily Mail, they discuss a plan to loop in Joe Biden on a deal involving the selling of American liquefied natural gas to China. Now, the message was addressed to Jim and Hunter Biden. It introduces a point of contact for the deal and it reads, quote: ‘I have requested him to be available for a call from Joe Biden and Hunter Biden on Monday morning to discuss the purchase of the 5 million tons of gas.’ This is for China. They are our number one geopolitical foe. Now, around the same time in 2017, the Biden family, remember, they got that $5 million interest free forgivable loan from the Chinese energy giant CFC. 


Keep in mind, none of the Bidens have any actual experience in the energy sector. Remember, Hunter went on GMA… any experience in energy? No. Oil? No. Gas? No. Ukraine? No. Why are you getting paid millions? He answered, I don’t know. Maybe because of your dad? Probably. Now, Hunter’s expertise was in, well, to be honest, crack cocaine and hookers, not oil and gas. Anyway, Uncle Jimmy was Hunter’s best friend, and Joe was a career politician gearing up for a presidential run. He flat out lied to all of you in this audience, all of you at home about having never one time ever spoken to his son, Hunter about his foreign business partners. 


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