SEAN HANNITY: The Inflation Reduction Act is just making inflation worse

Sean Hannity discusses how the Inflation Reduction Act will not decrease inflation and heavily impact the middle class despite Democrats celebrating otherwise on “Hannity.”


SEAN HANNITY: We are only 55 short days away from these pivotal midterm elections, and Democrats have lost all touch with reality. Now, yesterday we showed you the new devastating economic numbers. Inflation went up. Core inflation went up. Food, rent, energy all way up. The stock market, meanwhile, plummeted. It tanked. It dropped significantly, the biggest drop since the height of the pandemic. 

Now this. But one month after the Democrats passed their so-called Inflation Reduction Act, or, as I call it, the tax, the poor, middle class and people on fixed income Act of 2022. It doesn’t actually do anything to reduce inflation. It will increase inflation. It is just a massive Green New Deal spending bill that, as predicted, is making inflation far worse, making everything more expensive than ever. 

There’s Mayor Pete right there that has been unable to hammer out a deal with America’s railroad unions. So now, in the wake of a looming strike, many train lines are getting shut down and our supply chain problems are about to get that much worse. Even certain Amtrak routes have already been put on pause indefinitely. Joe. Amtrak. Joe. Do you care to comment? So naturally, none of this stopped the White House from doing a massive celebration, complete with the smiling and the fist bumps and the laughing and the patting on the back with Nancy Pelosi.


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