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Supreme Court Rejects 18 State Election Fraud Claim Does This Mean Civil War?

We are hearing rumor that the Supreme Court may have rejected the 18 State Election Fraud Claim that was started by Texas and backed by over 100 Republican members of the House. Quite frankly, we are extremely surprised that this is happening in the Supreme Court of all places. It seems that justice is truly not served anymore in this country.

Many think that the only logical step to Stop the Steal is Quick Executive Action similar to what Lincoln had to do.

Ready we must stand if our President asks.

Supreme Court Order

What is our next step now as a country if the Supreme Court really did make such a rash and quick decision with our most sovereign right as an American citizen, the right to vote in a free election? We here at the Marion Gazelle are not calling for any War or Civil War. What we are asking is exactly what we would expect in return. We as American Citizens must stand ready to defend our rights. We cannot stand idly by and have our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom to Bear Arms just wash away. This election was stolen from us by a very small fraudulent margin.

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