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‘The Ingraham Angle’ on Big Tech and Biden silencing dissent

This is a rush transcript from “The Ingraham Angle,” September 15, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: I hope you’ll set your DVR, so you’ll never miss an episode of “HANNITY”. Not hard to do. Don’t forget for news anytime, And in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. Stay tuned. Laura Ingraham, and THE INGRAHAM ANGLE starts right now and she’s ready to kill it tonight.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: Is that a dark navy tie tonight, or is it royal blue? When you were supposed to match my dress? What is that black? Are you wearing black on blue? You cannot do that.

HANNITY: It’s purple.

INGRAHAM: Purple. That’s a messed up screen I have. All right.

HANNITY: I save the moment of day, is ripping this thing off.

INGRAHAM: OK, this is now, we’re doing Tom Jones every night. We’re just throwing the, yes Elvis, let’s focus not an Elvis ending for you.

HANNITY: Yes, you could send a text say, I think you should wear a blue tie, Tom.

INGRAHAM: I’m doing it tomorrow. I’m just, we’re ending this all. This just joke is all old about five days ago, but I’m still going with it. Alright, Hannity awesome show, great coverage of Martha’s Vineyard.

HANNITY: Have a great job.

INGRAHAM: All right. I’m Laura Ingraham, this is INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. We start with a Fox News alert. That’s going to send the Biden DOJ in left into a frenzy, U.S., District Court Judge Aileen Cannon ruled tonight that the special master in that Mar-a-Lago raid case will review all documents seized from the former President.

Remember, the DOJ had strenuously argued for limited review, so as not to slow down their investigation. Well, this ruling tonight puts the brakes at least temporarily on this aspect of the ongoing harassment of Donald Trump. More on this breaking story in a few moments.

Also huge news from the financial world, as the CEO of FedEx is predicting a worldwide recession after the companies reporting that it will miss its revenue expectations. Well, Wall Street wanted Biden and now Wall Street has Biden, unfortunately sort of the rest of us, more reaction from the panel on that coming up.

But first, ‘Hate United’, that’s the focus of tonight’s ‘Angle’. Now we’ve been waiting for it, and now the White House’s closing argument for the midterms, is coming into sharper focus. Today President Biden presented his updated vision of America the beautiful, and golly was it is inspiring.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: There’s a through line of hate. Our massacres of indigenous people, to the original sin of slavery, the terror of the Klan, emigrate and emigration, violence against the Irish, Italians, Chinese, Mexicans, so many of those lives through our history. And the through line of violence against religious groups, anti- Semitic, anti-catholic, anti-Mormon, anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu, anti-Sikh.


INGRAHAM: Oh, I think he forgot anti-American, which was the through line of the bile we’ve been hearing for years from his party and his puppeteers. Now this was a summit ironically called ‘United We Stand’. Biden’s presented the most negative, depressing take on the United States. I think I’ve ever heard from a sitting President. Well, not counting the vindictive speech at Independence Hall a few weeks ago that is. Now the event tried to brand itself as bipartisan, because it featured folks like this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Please welcome our emcee for the day, Ana Navarro.

ANA NAVARRO, NICARAGUAN-AMERICAN STRATEGIST: Recently, like so many of you, I’ve felt shaken by what by what I’m seeing in our country. We’ve been rocked by increasing rates of hate fueled violence. We have to look right at the heart of our civic life and address the toxic divisions in our society that allow hate and extremism to fester and become mainstream.


INGRAHAM: Very uplifting, a perfect message from someone who never fails to treat her political foes with respect. No hate festering with her, only sunshine and light.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Make America gross again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies, thank you.


NAVARRO: Why men are highly overrated? Just an old windbag loser, tweeting out whatever, you know, stream of consciousness he has. He’s like a colicky baby with a persecution complex and paranoia.


INGRAHAM: What’s festering now there Ana? Now at a time when Americans are struggling to pay for essentials, the Democrats essentially they have nothing to offer, except more division and demonization. They can’t defend 8.3 percent inflation, so they peddle on the smears and lies. So some of the most hateful people around now they want to be the gatekeepers of what constitutes protected political speech.


BIDEN: Look, folks. And that’s through line of hate never fully goes away. It only hides if you’ve been given any oxygen. It comes out from under the rocks. In the last few years, we give a much too much oxygen in our politics, and our media and on the Internet.


INGRAHAM: There you have it, the big setup for political censorship via their social media proxies. I mean if you can’t beat them, censor them, and to justify the coming censorship via social media giants, radical professors speaking sweeping generalities and remember, hate only goes one way.


CYNTHIA MILLER-IDRISS, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: Record breaking numbers of hate groups emerged, after the election of the first black US President. And those hate groups quickly exploited social media and new online channels to share hate and propaganda, helping extremism seep into the mainstream.


INGRAHAM: Now when she says extremism, she means conservative populism, which is attracting by the way more minority support than ever before. But it doesn’t matter. The liberal left wants to shut it all down.


MILLER-IDRISS: Opportunistic politicians, foreign governments and media personalities have also deployed these tactics, further polarizing us in helping, create conditions in which hate and violence could thrive. It happens right in mainstream social media and online spaces. And on cable news and radio shows.


INGRAHAM: Now Democrats run every social media company, they dominate the universities. They run almost every major media outlet in America except this one. And yet that’s still not enough for them. So any effective voice that exposes the truth about the far left and globalist power grab, that’s called hateful. Anyone who questions election security measures or supports voter ID is racist. Anyone who opposes ripping down statues is an extremist. And parents, they get upset at school board meetings while they’re fueling violent hate. It’s also pathetic and predictable. But let’s be fair here, at least our Homeland Security Secretary has a plan for the border.


ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, SECRETARY, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY: We are all in partnership with one another in our fight against hate. Today, we in the Department of Homeland Security are announcing a $20 million in grant funds to fight against targeted violence, in all of our grant programs, including this program that we’re announcing today. We are seeking to achieve equity.


INGRAHAM: What is he talking about? At first, I was thinking, he was talking about equity for illegals. I believe anything at this point coming from these people. But remember, Democrats don’t consider the migrants or the cartels to be the threats. They consider the American people who demand border security to be the threats.

For some of that was supposed to be all about hate fueled violence in America, it didn’t discuss much of this type of violence. Not a lot either about the attacks on crisis pregnancy centers.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Photos of the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center show red paint thrown on the front door.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Someone spray painted graffiti all over the building, and on the sign out front. The messages included threats.


INGRAHAM: But there was no time for that. Not when Biden had all this new ground to break.


BIDEN: Charlottesville changed everything. When those folks came out of those that feel carrying torches, and I thought to myself, Oh, my God, this is United States of America center, how could it happen?


INGRAHAM: OK. He’s like a lame old lounge act. You know, at this point, he always falls back on a poorly performed version of his old Greatest Hits.


BIDEN: Their veins bulging, the veins bulging as they were screaming. Their veins bulging. Clearly coming out of fields carrying torches with (ph) swastikas. Most folks coming out of that field down in Virginia carrying (ph) swastikas and torches. Coming out of the fields with torches lighted.


INGRAHAM: Not a quote Biden. Look, in all seriousness, folks, this is all they have. They obviously cannot make the affirmative case for their record, because under his leadership, Americans are getting poorer, our streets are getting more dangerous, and the borders wide open. Good luck defending that. So all they’re left with is January 6, and Charlottesville, that if you don’t elect Democrats, Ultra MAGA will show up with torches on your front lawn. Come on, man. Americans just aren’t that stupid. And that’s the ‘Angle’.

All right. Joining me now on set, Florida Congressman, Byron Donalds and Mollie Hemingway, Fox News contributor and Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist, Mollie, man, no one really covered this today. I think it’s got swamped by a lot of horrific economic news that’s come out and all the Martha’s Vineyard, you know, hilarity. But this is a wild midterm strategy, America’s racist, misogynist, and violent.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, THE FEDERALIST, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: It’s just horrific. And we remember that we were promised when the media ran Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign, that he would be a uniter, that he would be moderate, that he would be competent. He is none of those things clearly. But this is really taking things to an all new level. And it’s clear that what the, what’s really going on, is that the right is very politically active, and they’re poised to have huge gains in November. And the new right is multiracial. It’s more diverse than ever than the Republican Party has been in a really long time. And that threatens, that threatens Democrats and their hold on power and so they’re doing this as a desperate attempt.

INGRAHAM: Now Congressman a Professor of University of Maryland was at this summit at the White House, and this costs money to put together right. His focus was on one thing.


BILL BRANIFF, PROFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND: Approximately 90 percent of hate crime perpetrators are motivated by biases consistent with white supremacy, male supremacy, or both. Xenophobic conspiracy theories aimed at perceived immigrants and foreigners are driving hate fueled violence as well. Misogynistic ideas are being incorporated into other violent ideologies, creating a toxic mix.


INGRAHAM: I mean, this is a racist dystopia with no opportunities for anyone other than I guess, guys who look like Professor Braniff.

REP. BYRON DONALDS (R-FL): Listen, I’m not really paying attention to anything that they’re talking about, because it’s foolishness. It doesn’t get to the heart of the issues facing the American people. Mainly one, the light bill for every American is up, you know what that is.

INGRAHAM: Utilities are disaster.

DONALDS: People pay their light bill, when it’s doubled, when it’s rising, that’s because of Joe Biden and Democrats, Senators. You want to talk about food prices, what causes more strife in any city or any society is the rising cost of food, that’s happening under Joe Biden.

You want to talk about safe streets, talk about the Fentanyl crisis, killing more Americans, the number one cause of death 18 to 45, in the United States of America, that is caused by Joe Biden and the Democrats. This is the only place they can go, because everybody knows now. They don’t want to reverse course and their agenda. Republicans have the answer for what cures America.

INGRAHAM: And we learned today from the FedEx CEO that they made, and they’re making their expectations, Mollie, I mean, this is a disastrous projection. He’s one of the most important CEOs in the United States, and he said this isn’t looking good. Watch this.


RAJ SUBRAMANIAM, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF FEDEX: We’re seeing that the volume decline in every segment around the world, and the weekly numbers are not looking so good. We just assume at this point that the economic conditions are not going to be good.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are we going into a worldwide recession?

SUBRAMANIAM: I think so. I think we are.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You think, we are going to worldwide recession?

SUBRAMANIAM: I think so.


INGRAHAM: They can’t defend this.

HEMINGWAY: It’s a really bad situation. And I think people understand that when people go to vote, they’re thinking about what it’s like to spend money at the grocery store. They’re thinking about filling up their gas tank. And so Democrats are kind of desperately trying to change the conversation to be about something else. But this is very sobering. And it does when it gets the sense that there are no adults in Washington, DC that are thinking about our energy supply, our economy, and how to tackle some of these problems.

INGRAHAM: Well, Congressman, it seems that this is one big setup for what they’ve already been, been doing, which is monitoring social media. Mollie, you’ve written a lot about this. And then working with their partners, we should call them allies here, right allies against hate, to really limit and I think chill speech in the United States before the election, and these people worry about election tampering.

DONALDS: Listen, it is crystal clear now. The White House is actually been working with social media companies, to silence dissent on COVID-19, to silence dissent on the economy, to silence dissent on what’s happening at the border. They love talking about how they’re here to save America and to save democracy. No, it is Republicans that are here to save the democracy, because we want open and fair debate.

We want an actual discussion and debate on the ideas. Joe Biden looks like a bad history teacher. That’s what he looks like right now. It’s disgusting for the country. We need to get back to the facts of what’s happening in America, because that’s what people are living with every single day. Whether they’re independents, Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter. We got to get back to the basics of American and how it works and how it functions.

INGRAHAM: I like that because it’s common sense. It’s really not right, left, even this is just common sense. What they do doesn’t work. And what was done just two and a half years ago, worked really well across the board. Now Mollie, related to what the Congressman just said, here’s more from that AAU professor that I played in the Angle.


MILLER-IDRISS: Some of these spaces are unregulated by design, while others have moderators who struggled to keep up with the volume of hateful and harmful content. Even with the vast resources at their disposal, the tech sector has not sufficiently responded to the high levels of online hate.


INGRAHAM: So Mollie, they’re actually threatening social media companies, even though they’re allies, but they’re threatening saying you don’t do this. We’re going to take away your, you know your immunity from liability.

HEMINGWAY: And why wouldn’t they, when every time they’ve threatened these social media companies have responded by doing their bidding. Every single major social media company came out with its plans for how it would censor speech ahead of this of the upcoming midterms, just like they did in 2020, which had such an effect on the election when they massively deplatformed effective conservative voices, when they censored the very true factual story about Biden family corruption as discovered on the Hunter Biden laptop.

This is a huge threat to the Republic. We have freedom of speech, we have freedom of the press, we have freedom of assembly, and these are direct attacks on these freedoms. They’re not even hiding.


HEMINGWAY: That they want to do this, and they’re more powerful than most governments, and they’re really harming. What makes America great, which is our ability to fight, debate have free, have free thinking about what we want to.

INGRAHAM: The question is whether Republicans is going to have the you know what to go after the social media companies, because we got a lot of people a lot of ties to the social media companies in Congress. Not Congressman Donald’s, because I want to, to this point, I want to play one more moment from Biden today. It sounds a little bit like Ibram Kendi, watch.


BIDEN: Silence is complicity. We can’t remain silent. For in silence, rules deepen.


INGRAHAM: Kids get off my lawn. He really now is saying if you don’t affirmatively state your allegiance to these far left ideals, then you are also a essentially a domestic terrorist. That’s where that is going.

DONALDS: Look, I’m not going to stay silent. The fact of the matter is, Joe Biden actually presents himself like an autocrat. Like a fascist, I know he tries to label his opponents that way. But these are the activities of a fascist and of autocrat. Republicans are the ones who are fighting for the soul of America. We are fighting for the democracy, because we want people to speak their mind and be comfortable in that ability. If you can’t do that, we can’t even get to the economy of the border, and all that ails us. Americans need to pay attention right now. Because he does not tolerate debate, he yells in a microphone anytime, somebody challenges him, he won’t stand for debate. We need to have real honest conversations in the United States if we’re going to get back on track.

INGRAHAM: And Mollie, that is why a lot of these Democrat candidates are ducking debates. And we’re going to get into that in a moment. But that’s why they can’t debate, they can’t they can’t defend this.

HEMINGWAY: And it’s happening all over the country from Arizona to Pennsylvania. They do not want to have to defend something.

INGRAHAM: Yes. So, you just to hate if you don’t support them. Oh, great conversation, and we hit this topic no one else did. Congress and Mollie thanks so much. Now governor’s Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have beaten the left at their own game. Now, how are we so sure, because the shrieking reaction from Democrats and NIMBYs alike tell us all that we need to know, Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick has reaction to that moment, so stay there.



JOHN BERMAN, CNN HOST: This is not a parallel here in anyway. But it does address some of the same themes that are part of this documentary.

KEN BURNS, DOCUMENTARIAN: This is the coming straight out of the authoritarian playbook. So when you look at the story that we’re telling of the US and the Holocaust, you understand that the time to save a democracy is before it’s lost.


INGRAHAM: So I guess that it makes Martha’s Vineyard what Auschwitz. This overblown reaction to a very tiny, tiny number of migrants who’ve crossed our border being dumped into liberal localities tells you everything you need to know. Now there’s those who have ignored or even worse encouraged open borders for years. They’re finally having to deal with what open borders means.

Sure, it can seem petty right to drop busloads of illegals into the backyards of these protected elites. But perhaps that’s what it takes to get them to give a damn about the border crisis that they created and they support it. And judging from the confused response from the White House, the migrant relocation project seems to be working just fine.


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, WHITE HOUSE, DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY: The children Governor Abbott abandoned in Martha’s Vineyard, the children that Governor DeSantis abandoned as well, you know, deserve better. They deserve better than being left on the streets of DC or being left in Martha’s Vineyard.


INGRAHAM: The streets of DC or in Martha’s Vineyard were, I don’t know, what was the Obamas’ house, $15 million? Well, so is the Vineyard now Mogadishu? I mean, what is she talking about? And speaking of the Vineyard, surely the limousine liberal citizens of that impoverished island nation will accept migrants with open arms I assume.


LISA BELCASTRO, SHELTER COORDINATOR FOR WINTER HOMES ON MARTHA’S VINEYARD: At some point in time, they have to move to somewhere else, right? We cannot – we don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants. And we certainly don’t have housing – we’re in a housing crisis as we are on this island. And we don’t – we can’t have everyone here that lives here, and works here. We don’t have housing for 50 more people.


INGRAHAM: Now wait a second, about 50 yards from here, there’s Tent City in front of Union Station. I mean, it’s OK to hear, a veterans are living in tents here. But we can’t have tents that what Obama’s compound. They can’t accommodate 50 people, what kind of sanctuary is that? They heard some perspective from the truly inhumane left. The border town of Del Rio, Texas, we did reports there years ago, has a population of just under 36,000 people, and in the month of July nearly 50,000 crossed the border into their town.

Joining me now, Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick. Dan, aren’t Texas and Florida doing a favor for the residents in these communities because they’ve declared themselves their communities to be sanctuary localities. But did they really mean it?

DAN PATRICK, LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF TEXAS: Yes they meant it until the bus arrived? That’s when they stopped meaning it you know there this is the, the epitome of elitism and just a bunch of rich hypocrites up there on the island. Oh, wow is me. We had a couple of plane loads of people come into our neighborhood of $10 million houses. We have a housing shortage already, you know Crimea River up there on the island and the same thing for Chicago and New York and Washington, you mentioned Del Rio, Laura, not just in the last couple of months. But since Biden became President, we’ve had 400,000 people come in to that sector of a city of 37,000. That would be like sending 80 million people to New York City, 10 times their population. Give us enough time and we’ll send enough buses.

INGRAHAM: Well, Dan, here’s how Secretary Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary responded when he was asked about Governor, Abbott.


MAYORKAS: It is very, very important that these efforts to address the needs of migrants, the claims of migrants, as well as the needs and claims of others, that we work in a coordinated fashion that we work in partnership, the governor has chosen not to coordinate his efforts with us. And that’s a lost opportunity. And it’s creating a disruption in different parts of this country.


INGRAHAM: Well, Dan, wait a second. Has the federal government really coordinated? Its open borders policy with all the mayors of all the Texas towns were having to deal with this mess? Where’s that coordination?

PATRICK: No, none whatsoever. I received calls from mayors all the time, saying Dan, we just found out that they’re going to dump, you know, 5,000 immigrants in our city of 1,500. And we don’t know what to do. Every one of these cities on the border is overwhelmed. And many of them are run by Democrats. They are feeling the pain just as any Republican would. And in terms of this, of this border invasion of America, it’s time for all those blue cities to feel the pain, maybe finally, Laura, and we’re going to continue to send buses.

Look, we approved $4.2 billion in our budget for border security. We have plenty of money for lots of buses, and they’re going to be coming to more and more cities until finally maybe those blue mayors will call the President say the border is not secured, Mr. President, but there are only three people in America on the planet, maybe Laura who don’t know, the border secured. That’s the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary of Homeland Security. Everyone else on the planet knows it’s open because they’re coming here every day saying, it’s open, come to America.

INGRAHAM: They know, they know. Now.

PATRICK: They know, of course they know.

INGRAHAM: Right now, right now, there are more buses coming from Texas to DC. And they’re most of the migrants are dropped off pretty close to the studio here. Do you know when they’ll arrive? What the time is that they’re going to arrive here? And where the drop-off is going to be?

PATRICK: If I didn’t, I’m just going to follow the you know the administrations playbook. You’ll know when they get there. You know, they didn’t tell the folks on Long Island when the planes arrived at 2 in the morning, they tried to hide it.

INGRAHAM: Yes, the White Plains airport. I was there that summer when they were starting that.

PATRICK: So and the idea that we’re not coordinating with them, as you said, we’ve never heard, we’ve never heard from this White House. Biden’s never been to the border. Kamala Harris was a joke. She went to El Paso, you know, she was on the ground for a few minutes and left. They haven’t seen the problem where they’re seeing the problem. And we’re not going to stop. Look, Texas and Florida are the last lines of defense for this country, Texas of the America that all America used to be and we’re going to stand up and fight for our sovereignty.

We’re going to fight for this country. We’re going to fight to protect Americans from the fentanyl drug, that’s the number one killer of young people. We’re going to fight to keep criminals out. And we’re staying in the fight. And the rest of the country, all these blue states are whether they want to join us in the fight or not, they are going to be in it.

INGRAHAM: Dan, just remember that in Martha’s Vineyard, what I have to confess tonight, I spent a week in Martha’s Vineyard at the end of August. OK, I had a great time. But in every storefront there’s like a liberal insignia pretty much everyone, and there’s that hate has no home here. And it’s always we love migrants. We love this and that, it’s all very, you know, diversity focus.

But in reality, that’s really all a lie, because they have a chance to be really diverse today. And they’re freaking out from 50 people. So the all those placards, they all had should come down from the from the fancy stores and Edgartown and Oak Bluffs they should all come down and we should just say what, what they really think, no one belongs here, except the rich people. So that’s the, my view what I should say.

PATRICK: It’s the liberal, elitist, leftist. They don’t care.

INGRAHAM: All right, Dan, great to see you tonight. I know you have a, you don’t have a tight race, but you have a race there in Texas and everyone should get out and support Dan and Abbott. Alright, NBC news isn’t just acting now as a propaganda outlet for Fetterman in Pennsylvania. They’re now trying to censor any criticism of Fetterman. We’re going to explain this and speaking of Fetterman, he finally agreed to a debate. But wait until you hear his demands. Barbra Streisand will be proud of those. Dr. Mehmet Oz is here in moment, stay there.


The media are working overtime to protect Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman, and now we have absolute proof. Yesterday, NBC News accused GOP digital strategist Greg Price of doctoring Fetterman videos. Now, when they say doctoring, it was basically just clipping together a few things that Fetterman actually said.


LT. GOV. JOHN FETTERMAN, (D) PENNSYLVANIA SENATE CANDIDATE: It’s the most important race for the Senate here for 22. We have to replace Pat Toomey.


FETTERMAN: Oh, no. Senator Toomey was not very nice to me. He, Pat Toomey, is a miracle.

He had a chance — he had a chance to match me up again.

Abortion is the ballot now in November.


INGRAHAM: In addition to NBC’s claim, they ran immediately to TikTok and Twitter to flag this and other videos for them. So the man targeted, Greg Price, joins us now. He’s at senior digital strategies at X Strategies. Greg, here’s what NBC said about your videos “The videos include slight edits such as cutting out the sound of the audience to make it appear as if he had abruptly stopped speaking. Other edits cut Fetterman off midsentence to create the perception that what he was saying was nonsensical.” Sounds like what they’ve done to me all the time when they edit my stuff. Thoughts?

GREG PRICE, SENIOR DIGITAL STRATEGIST, X STRATEGIES: No, so anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I’m really big into making super cuts, which are just these small little clips that are part of a larger video to make a broader point. And the point in this case is that John Fetterman had a stroke not too long ago, which is sad. We pray that his health recovers. But he has serious issues speaking about it, or serious issues speaking.

And when you’re running for the United States Senate, that’s a legitimate criticism, as even “The Washington Post” editorial board said. And so I’ve made about like three or four really viral supercuts of John Fetterman, of clips of him at his rallies where he’s barely get through them, and obviously his handlers don’t let him speak for very long periods at a time.

And so after my latest one I get this DM from this NBC News reporter, and he basically is asking me about the edits that I made and why I did them about the supercut. He DM-ed me another video that I had also reposted from a different account that cut out the audience clapping in it basically to claim that that was doctored and made his speech issues look worse than they were.

And so in my head, I was thinking to myself, OK, he’s probably writing some stupid article about how Republicans are being mean to John Fetterman. And then publishes it, and he accuses me of doctoring the video, not selectively editing, not taking out of contest, but doctoring them, as if I had somehow deep-faked these videos to make it look like John Fetterman had worse speech issues than he actually does.

And the way I thought journalism was supposed to work is journalism is supposed to challenge powerful people and challenge powerful institutions in America. But in this case, this NBC News reporter is accusing me of doctoring video and then going to big tech companies asking them to censor me, the unholy alliance between media and big tech. And instead of asking why John Fetterman’s handlers are not letting him speak for like only short times, they’re accusing me of doctoring the videos and trying to censor me.

INGRAHAM: Greg, in the last hour on MSNBC, Fetterman was actually asked about this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are viral videos, mashups of your, I think, cognitive or vocal errors, things that they think suggest cognitive decline. What do you say to Pennsylvania voters who see some of this stuff on the Internet, who hear the ads from Dr. Oz’s camp, and are worried about your fitness from office.

LT. GOV. JOHN FETTERMAN, (D) PENNSYLVANIA SENATE CANDIDATE: I’m absolutely fit to serve. I just confront — I just took a test just, I think it was yesterday, that confirmed that I’m absolutely fully functioning and in the range as well, too. The one side that wants to try to lie about that.


INGRAHAM: Response?

PRICE: My response to that is just prove it. Debate Dr. Oz.

INGRAHAM: Without conditions, and we’re going to get do that in a moment.

PRICE: Debate Dr. Oz at a time sooner than two weeks before the election.

INGRAHAM: Greg, we reached out to Fetterman and his campaign. They didn’t respond to us on this particular issue, but they did tell NBC, “It’s pretty sad and, frankly, desperate that Dr. Oz’s MAGA allies are deceptively editing videos of John speaking in order to mock him while he recovers from his stroke.” Quickly, your response?

PRICE: I think it’s pretty sad they’re trying to pool the wool over the eyes of Pennsylvania voters and are trying to act like this man is a lot healthier than it is, which again, “The Washington Post” editorial board called them out for.

And forget just his health issues. This guy has really bad ideas that would be bad for Pennsylvania and the country, and they’re trying to pull the same playbook that they did with Joe Biden by essentially just keeping him in the basement and trying to convince Pennsylvania voters what’s the worst this guy could do? But this guy wants to release one-third of prisoners from prison. He has a lot of terrible ideas, and if he gets elected, he’s going to enact them. And they’re basically just trying to trick P.A. voters into doing it.

INGRAHAM: Greg, great to see you tonight. Thank you for your work.

PRICE: Thank you so much for having me.

INGRAHAM: And John Fetterman has finally agreed to debate his GOP challenger, and my next guest, Dr. Mehmet Oz, it’s going to happen late next month, just two weeks before the election.

So there’s a few caveats, though, from Uncle Festerman (ph). He wants to use live, real-time closed captioning monitors. And according to the Oz team, Fetterman wants to have two practice sessions in studio ahead of time.

Joining me now is the other participant in that debate, Dr. Mehmet Oz U.S. Senate candidate, Republican, Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz we spoke to the Fetterman campaign and they denied the practice sessions claim, saying “Both campaigns will be doing pre-debate walkthroughs that are very standard in every political debate. That’s not a practice debate or whatever the hell the Oz team is spinning this as.” Your response?

MEHMET OZ, (R) PENNSYLVANIA SENATE CANDIDATE: All I know is John Fetterman, he’s been dodging all questions, not just debate questions, but those from the press and from voters, which is, frankly, insulting in a democracy. I think he’s doing it to avoid this radical left ideology that he has, and he doesn’t want to defend it.

But under a lot of pressure, he has agreed to this short debate, as you point out. He does want closed captioning. And we were told that he wanted a few rehearsals, which I get. I’m a physician. I understand how hard it is to deal with a stroke and with heart failure. I’m fine with him taking rehearsals. I would like to have extra time in the debate so we can ask more questions. As many, including “The Washington Post” have said, you have to have multiple debates. Please have them early so that voters who are getting absentee ballots next week don’t have to wait a month-and-a- half —

INGRAHAM: But Dr. Oz, sorry to interrupt, but are you going to agree to these terms with the closed captioning situation that he’s asked for? I’m not really getting that. Are you agreeing to that?

OZ: I’m going agree to allowing him to have closed captioning and other conditions that he may desire to make it easier for him to debate. I do believe he owes Pennsylvanians an honest assessment of his health, not double secret probation tests that we find out about on television, but really give voters access to what’s going on so that we can have, all voters, transparency into the process.

Listen, I’m skeptical of what’s going to happen, if he’ll show up in this debate that’s scheduled two weeks before the election. He’s often a no show. He doesn’t show up for his lieutenant governor’s job. But you brought up something that’s really important. The liberal press has been hiding this issue of his health. They’ve been hiding his radical positions. This man cares more about criminals than the innocent. Not only has he hired two murderers, convicted murderers serving life sentences that he had released on his campaign, but he’s backed a massive middle class tax hike but did not pay his own taxes 67 times.

So if this bothers you, please go and support me, because money is pouring into his campaign to facilitate getting this election to the Democratic candidates. They’re literally manufacturing a candidate. He’s not out on the campaign trail talking to people, answering questions. So folks don’t know what he stands for. You can only find out by watching his commercials. I’ve been out there every single day doing multiple interviews.

INGRAHAM: I know. And then they’re trying to censor individuals who are actually taking his clips getting them out in short form way so you can post them on social media and actually get people seeing them, so they’re not allowing that either. So is getting CCP like.

But I want to talk about the voters that you mentioned, because FOX spoke to a few Pennsylvania voters this week. This is what they had to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel like the Democrats have left us down.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look around. Watch the news. It’s awful. I can’t do it anymore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I hope that the Republicans take back the House and Senate because we need to have a little more stabilization.


INGRAHAM: Are you surprised that the polls still show him leading? Given what’s happening, the global recession is upon us according to the FedEx CEO today?

OZ: His lead is shrinking by the day. I know that I’ll support police and I’ll address the shortage of police officers. That’s why the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed me unanimously. When that happened, people who are worried about crime vote for me. They don’t want him legalizing drugs, having an open border to fentanyl pours into our state. We’re number three for fentanyl overdoses and creates huge areas of our cities like Kensington and Philadelphia that are uninhabitable with zombies walking around with needles sticking out their neck, they don’t want that. So Fetterman loses those votes.

He believes he’s above the people and above the law, and it’s catching up to him. We will win in Pennsylvania.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Oz, I think you should come into the debate with your own hoodie and maybe a stethoscope and then take it off and then have your regular suit on. This is — the whole hoodie thing is just, it’s all a costume, it’s all wardrobe. And we appreciate you. Thank you so much for coming on.

Greasy used car salesman Gavin Newsom has found a way to insert himself into the migrant story. We’re going to explain.

Plus, we’ve shown you a lot of bizarre moments from Joe Biden, but we just got our hands on video from tonight that might top them all. You don’t want to miss it, so stay there.


INGRAHAM: OK, missed the whole liberal freakout over the migrants being shipped all across the country by Republican governors are the pleas from 2024 wannabes for the Biden DOJ to take action. California Governor Gavin Newsom sent a letter to A.G. Merrick Garland calling on him to open an investigation into the states transporting the migrants. He calls it kidnapping and he argues that interstate travel provides a basis for federal jurisdiction.

Federal jurisdiction, that’s interesting for Newsom to enter that into the conversation because it just so happens that illegally entering the country in the first place also falls under federal jurisdiction, which they’re just normalizing.

Joining us now, Harmeet Dhillon, chairwoman of the Republican National Lawyers Association. Good to see you in person, Harmeet, as always. What about this? I mean, Newsom is really, talk about a Hail Mary. This is just desperate at this point.

HARMEET DHILLON, CHAIRWOMAN, REPUBLICAN NATIONAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION: Anything to change the topic, Laura, from what is really on the minds of American citizens. And so what the federal government, of course, is doing is itself the exact same thing. They’re taking these migrants from where they’re landing and bussing them to states all over the country. And so suddenly when somebody else does it that’s not OK? The hypocrisy is stunning.

INGRAHAM: So they can send them to White Plains, New York, in the middle of the night, or Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, but no one else can do it.

DHILLON: Exactly.

INGRAHAM: “Axios,” by the way, Harmeet, is reporting tonight that cabinet heads and White House officials will meet tomorrow morning to discuss a range of pressing immigration issues, including litigation options to respond to the governors. So finally they’re taking the issue seriously, but only to litigate against our own governors.

DHILLON: I think that this is a really bad idea for the White House to dwell on this issue as well. As we are suffering from economic uncertainty in this country and real trauma —

INGRAHAM: That’s charitable.

DHILLON: — this is really reminding Americans that we have this flood at the border that’s sucking up state resources. And so I think it’s just a dumb issue for them to harp on.

INGRAHAM: You and I have talked for years about how the Republicans don’t create news events. They kind of talk at the voters. But this is brilliant because you have to cover it. There’s no way to avoid covering it, and then it brings the issue to the fore. And then people are like, wait, we’re bussing people? Why are they coming to the country? So it was brilliant, both of DeSantis and of Abbott.

I have got to get to this tonight. Judge Cannon, Aileen Cannon, denied the DOJ’s request for a partial stay of her decision to appoint that special master. And now the DOJ is going to proceed to the appeals to the 11th circuit court of appeals. And we have the name of the first special master who has been appointed, Judge Raymond Dearie, I guess. He was proposed by the Trump lawyers, but interestingly, he also signed the Carter Page warrant before the FBI misconduct was discovered. Harmeet, your reaction to all this tonight? Big news.

DHILLON: Well, Judge Dearie was accepted by the DOJ as well after the Trump folks objected to their judges. And so I think it’s a good appointment, and it’s really brilliant by Judge Cannon to pick this special master, because one of the objections of the DOJ was how can you possibly let this like random special master look at these super classified documents. Of course, a recent FISA judge has all the clearances necessary to look at all of those documents. And so she’s checkmated the government on that issue. And the order also rejects government arguments that there is somehow some compelling need for DOJ prosecutors. And she also calls out the government for the leaks and otherwise. It’s an excellent balanced order, and I don’t think the 11th circuit is going to take issue with it.

INGRAHAM: Harmeet, this means that the investigation, at least temporarily, slows down.

DHILLON: That’s right.

INGRAHAM: Does it not?

DHILLON: That’s right. So the court pointed out a large volume of documents, and the court has set a very aggressive schedule for the court, but that aggressive schedule itself only requires conclusion by November 30th, which is after the midterm elections, but it requires regular reports to the court. And the court reserves the final decision as to whether accept, reject, or otherwise pursue the recommendations of the special master. This is a standard special master type order, and it’s excellent.

INGRAHAM: And you have the experience from the Project Veritas litigation that you’ve done, and you’ve done such a good job with the Center for American Liberty. Harmeet, it’s great to see you in person. I know you have a big event tomorrow at Hillsdale, an event here in Washington. Hillsdale is such a great college, so good luck on that.

DHILLON: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: We have that video of Biden from tonight that we promised earlier. It’s next and, come on, it’s going to be hilarious. Don’t want to miss it.


INGRAHAM: Now, this video of Biden really needs no introduction. Roll the tape.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We have a tradition in the Biden family. We sing happy birthday. So let’s go. Ready.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Dannette (ph). Happy birthday to you. God love you, kiddo.


INGRAHAM: Who is Dannette (ph).


INGRAHAM: I can’t do this. That’s it for us tonight. That’s our commander in chief of America. Happy birthday neh-neh (ph).

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