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‘The Ingraham Angle’ on the left’s anti-Columbus Day sentiments

This is a rush transcript of “The Ingraham Angle” on October 10, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Set your DVR, so you’ll never ever, ever miss an episode of Hannity. So don’t forget for news anytime, all the time 24×7, 365, and And in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. Laura Ingraham, THE INGRAHAM ANGLE is standing by. And I know something that’s going to happen to you that you don’t know and you’re going to have to stay tuned away for it.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: Oh, I can see you coordinated with me again on the tie dress combo. You can’t even see it probably.

HANNITY: I mean, you need not coordinated with you.

INGRAHAM: It is a perfect.

HANNITY: Laura, what color of dress you’re wearing tonight? I’m wearing a blue tie, you’re wearing a blue dress.

INGRAHAM: Yes, exactly. Yes, like every night, Sean, it’s the same thing. Laura, what are you wearing? And it’s just I mean, it’s a cute little reframe. But eventually we have to.

HANNITY: OK. You know what the funny thing is, there are people out there that are going to believe that.


HANNITY: We do not color course date on the show.

INGRAHAM: Are we saying its fake news?

HANNITY: That is total Adam Schiff.

INGRAHAM: In all seriousness–

HANNITY: That’s total Adam bull Schiff.

INGRAHAM: OK. In all seriousness, Sarah Huckabee Sanders looked awesome.

HANNITY: She did. Thank God.

INGRAHAM: I’m so happy for her, you know. She did that, she went through a lot. And that was a great interview. So, I was glad to see her. So thanks for bringing this up.

HANNITY: I know you got a great show tonight. You’re going to crush it as always.

INGRAHAM: We are going to try.

HANNITY: I dint color coordinate.

INGRAHAM: Yes, you did. But that’s OK. Well, tomorrow it’s yellow. So make sure to get the yellow tie. All right, Sean.

HANNITY: Tomorrow it’s yellow. All right I’m wearing the yellow tie, just for you.

INGRAHAM: Love. Yes. I’m Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. Well, since the radical left never takes a vacation from hating on all things American, today with their annual hate on Christopher Columbus Day. Now, this was the take from the endearing folks over at Salon. I don’t understand the adulation that some Italian-Americans continue to bestow on Christopher Columbus, who, as history demonstrates, was less a hero than a thug, exploiting and enslaving indigenous peoples.

Well, a better more sober assessment comes from Zubair Simonson and the National Catholic register who asked, are we the beneficiaries of his exploration, going to laud a man for having a conviction, ambition and courage? Or should we blame that man for anything that went wrong afterward, including events far beyond his control or events that he hadn’t been there for, without even trying to consider how his times were different from our own?

Well, on this 530th anniversary of the day that Columbus landed in the Western Hemisphere, it’s a good time to remind everyone that Columbus Day was a progressive idea that came out in the New Deal era. Back in 1934, FDR established the National Holiday urging Americans to observe the day in schools and churches or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies for fitting the anniversary of the discovery of America.

Well, of course, back then, the progressive saw Italian-Americans as likely Democrats, but now they see them as likely Republicans. Well, that’s really the only difference and I promise you once Hispanic Americans tip over 50 percent for the GOP, the canceled culture is going to come for them too, no more Cinco de Mayo fun for you.

Well, there’s nothing that the left hasn’t touched nothing that hasn’t been trashed. Our public schools, our city streets, our colleges and universities. And speaking of how insane have things gotten? Get this medical students at the University of Minnesota must now take an oath to quote honor all indigenous ways of healing that have been historically marginalized.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our institution is located on Dakota land. Today, many indigenous people throughout the state called the Twin Cities home. We commit to uprooting the legacy and perpetuation of structural violence deeply embedded within the healthcare system. We recognize inequities built by past and present traumas rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, the gender binary, ableism, and all forms of oppression. We pledged to honor all Indigenous ways of healing that had been historically marginalized by Western medicine.


INGRAHAM: This is medicine 2022, very creepy, wasn’t it? I watched the entire thing. Now of course, it’s all part of their efforts to denigrate and replace our own history and some of the most venomous destructive political forces in America today are leading the campaign.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The City Commission on monuments recommends that Chicago’s three Christopher Columbus statues be permanently removed from their public locations. The statues were at the center of violent racial justice protests two years ago. The committee has also recommended the removal of 10 other monuments due to depictions, glorifying racist stereotypes and white supremacy.


INGRAHAM: Now that idiocy is the recommendation of the committee that Chicago Mayor, darling Lori Lightfoot herself formed. Now she hasn’t had time yet to decide the Columbus issue, but she has had time to record this.


INGRAHAM: Yes, they want to go, they want to go Florida or Texas. That’s where they’re going. Well, Italian-Americans watching all of this, they’re rightly outraged.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’re celebrating, number one, the accomplishments and the contributions Italians and Italian-Americans have made during the development this great country. But it’s not just Italian-Americans, it’s everybody together. That’s why our parade is made up of so many cultures if you really watch it.


INGRAHAM: Well, let’s remember that the Democrats are the ones claiming to be the defenders of norms and democracy. And it’s usually, of course, only related to January 6, and Trump. But this has been a national holiday for almost 90 years established by a Democrat icon. So if there was a norm, well, this would be it. And as for the indigenous people, you know, does anyone really think it’s fair to apply today’s standards to some of their ancestors’ traditions, from the cannibalism of the Iroquois, to the human sacrifices of the Aztecs? I don’t think so.

Joining me now is Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution, Senior Fellow. Victor is it really about Columbus or is about something deeper?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, HOOVER INSTITUTION, SENIOR FELLOW: I think it’s something deeper, I think they understand that they had the house in the Senate, and they’ve had a progressive culture for 40 years, they have the presidency. And they’ve given us nothing but utter failure. So they don’t want to talk about the issues that people in the middle-class care about energy or fuel or the border or crime. So they go back. And they treat the past law, not as tragedy but as melodrama where it’s a binary. These are the good guys that are the victims. And these are the bad guys, that are victimizers, and I don’t know, it’s all it’s all Columbus disinformation. I mean, Columbus was fleeing a situation in which Europe could not trade anymore because the Ottoman imperialist had destroyed the Byzantine Empire.

And Spain for whom he sailed for had come off 700 year because of Moorish occupation, imperialism. He didn’t even go to conquer; he didn’t know where he was. He just had a theory that he could reach China and India without having to deal with the Ottomans. And he found a new world, and what did he find? You mentioned it. He found in some cases, cannibalism, and human slavery and human sacrifice on a gargantuan scale in terms of the Aztecs. And you know everybody says, well, he polluted but I mean, history has cross culturalization.

Yes, he brought the yellow fever, and he might have brought smallpox, but some of the great pathologies of the world culture after the discovery of a new world came from the New World, from syphilis to tobacco to cocaine, the chocolate works, but to simplify it, just so you can, in the president refactor, refactor and remanufacture the past.

So you can have this future agenda is just bankrupt. And that’s what’s happening. And then the final irony, Laura, is that we have all of these elite, very affluent leisure people, academia and constitutional government, freedom, free market capitalism of Western culture, and they have the leaders and culture.

INGRAHAM: All right. Victor, Victor, Victor you’re blipping in and out. We’re not sure what, people know this is live TV when you’re blipping in and out. And we always get great points from Victor, but we can’t hear you very well, Victor. But suffice it to say this is an attack on America. It’s not an attack on Columbus. This is Columbus is just a placeholder for their anti-Americanism. Victor, thank you.

And now another norm that Democrats are happy to shatter. Democrat candidates and incumbents across the country are running scared and away from debates because as Victor said, they can’t run on their record. They’re not going to talk about rising crime rates, inflation, recession, certainly not the falling stock market, if you look to your 401(k) lately, none of that.

In fact, they’re so desperate to avoid any discussion of these inconvenient issues that several Democrats are either refusing to debate the Republican opponents or agreeing to only one debate very close to Election Day. And the Arizona governor’s race, liberal Katie Hobbs appeared in a safe zone on Face The Nation to explain why she won’t debate Kari Lake.


KATIE HOBBS, CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA: I have no desire to be a part of, of the spectacle that she’s looking to create, because that doesn’t do any service to the voters.


INGRAHAM: Oh really, well that’s too bad. Think about that for a minute. Of course the real spectacle is what is happening to Arizona under Biden’s open border. It’s a huge surge in crime there and homelessness, but defending her views on any of that, well, that doesn’t do a service to the voters. What an insult?

Another reason to vote straight ticket Republican and Arizona, and look at poor John Fetterman. I mean, that man should be home trying to get well instead, he’s trying to stumble away from accountability for his physicians on everything from ending cash bail to banning oil and gas. Uncle Fetterman only agreed to one debate. And it’s late on October 25.


JOHN FETTERMAN, CANDIDATE FOR U.S. SENATOR: It’s normal to have one debate in October, and that’s exactly what was always the plan. But because he has been struggling in the race, you know, he tried to turn this into an issue.


INGRAHAM: Struggling. Well, I wanted more debates earlier noting that early voting started in the state in late September. Well, look, if I were a political consultant, advising Hobbs and Fetterman, I’d be telling him to avoid debates too let’s I would, change the subject immediately from the economy and crime to abortion. I don’t know Trump, climate change, whatever.

Look, I get it. Their record is indefensible. What they’re doing makes sense as a selfish political matter to avoid debates, but it’s incredibly disrespectful to the voters. Speaking of disrespect, by the way. What New Hampshire incumbent senator Maggie Hassan is doing to her state. It’s just obscene. She’s only holding about one campaign event a week, I kid you not. And of course she won’t agree to debate her challenger Don Bolduc.

Now in New England, that’s where I’m from. People used to pride themselves on vigorous debate, and in New Hampshire when the name of Robert Frost would think that a New Hampshire politician would even consider hiding from her own constituents. Hey Mags, the state motto is, Live Free Or Die, not, Let’s Flee And Duck.

You notice that beyond avoiding debates, by the way, liberals like Senator Hassan, they aren’t even hosting public town halls either. They used to do that all the time. So voters don’t get to ask her questions pretty much about anything. Certainly not in the issues they’re getting hammered by, the policies she voted for. Families in New Hampshire now are being forced to go into debt big time just to afford the essentials.

High inflation coupled with historic interest rate hikes have some New Hampshire residents relying on credit cards to get by. According to the wallet hub, the average New Hampshire household has more than $8,400 in credit card debt now. Now, this is heartbreaking. It’s infuriating. I lived in Hanover, New Hampshire for four years in the 80s during college. And if you were a candidate who wanted to compete there, and a lot of them came through Hanover, you had to face the people. You had to answer a lot of questions. But now with the, you know what hitting the fan, they’re going to give Maggie Hassan a pass, people of New Hampshire. How’s that granted in your veins?

When Americans are suffering, no politician should be able to skate to reelection without defending his or her record never should have be allowed to happen. And of course, today’s media well, they’ve been part of the protection racket though, haven’t they? They’ve gone from holding all politicians accountable to holding Democrats coats.

Joining me now is Stephen Miller, Former Senior Advisor to President Trump, Founder of America First Legal and Miranda Devine, New York Post Columnist, Fox News Contributor and Author of my favorite, The Laptop from Hill. Stephen. Now, I want to just focus for a moment on New Hampshire. OK, this is the Live Free or Die state. OK, that how can Maggie Hassan avoid debating her opponent and be taken seriously by anyone there?

STEPHEN MILLER, FMR SENIOR ADVISOR TO PRES TRUMP: Well, she shouldn’t be, only with the indulgence of the left wing me is that even possible? Maggie Hassan has voted for every single radical left policy that is ruining the State of New Hampshire for the open borders and the drugs that are destroying an entire generation, for radical gender ideology, for runaway inflation for rampant crime.

She’s voted for all of it. Her voting record is indistinguishable from that of Bernie Sanders or Chuck Schumer. She’s a hard core leftist. She has nothing in common with the people of New Hampshire, and that’s why she won’t debate and the media is letting her get away with it, and that is a travesty. The era of objective media sadly in this country is over.

INGRAHAM: Well and Miranda people’s pocketbooks don’t lie, do they? I mean, everyone knows they’re getting poor. The streets are getting less safe, and America is getting weaker under Democrat rule. Everyone knows that now. There’s no debating that. And in New York, Governor Kathy Hochul, she’s not been elected by the voters to her position. She’s only agreed to hold a single debate. And of course, at the end of October, a lot of early voting has already taken place. Month of absentee voting, I think about by then. So she just, she refuses to be held accountable as well. I mean, I think that is de facto reason to vote against her.

MIRANDA DEVINE, NEW YORK POST COLUMNIST: It really is. And I think these very weak Democratic candidates are trying to use the Joe Biden strategy, and I guess it worked for him. So they figured why not for them. They’re cowards, and they’re letting down the voters. The voters are supposed to be doing the due diligence during the campaign to decide which candidate is going to do the best for them. Which candidate has the policies that will solve the problems particularly you’re looking in New York, crime is a massive issue.

And Kathy Hochul, refuses to even tell the voters how she will deal with the problem of bail so called reform that is letting all these crazies out on the street. And she won’t talk about that. And as she knows that as soon as she goes into a debate stage against Lee Zeldin, she will he’ll wipe the floor with her, and that’s why she’s running away. But she wasn’t elected, as you say. And she’s like a lot of these Democrat candidates. John Fetterman and another one, truly a hopeless candidate, unfit, special needs candidate. And he’s only managing to stay upright because he’s protected by the media.

INGRAHAM: And Steven, even CNN was forced to report on how Democrats now view Biden’s presence as we approach the midterms. Check this out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do we know about this President’s plan in the final four weeks?

YASMEEN ABUTALEB, WASHINGTON POST WH REPORTER: He’s clearly not going to the races that matter the most to Democrats. We haven’t seen him go to Arizona. It seems like John Fetterman doesn’t really want him to appear with him in the final stretch of the race. He’s not going to Georgia. So we don’t know a whole lot.


INGRAHAM: Steven, he’s like an anvil with cement shoes on. I mean, this – this is not working out well for him on the trail.

MILLER: Yes, giant lightweight anchor. But this is what’s so astonishing the Laura, right is that every single Democrat go to the list, Mark Kelly and Maggie Hassan, Tim Ryan, they’re all trying to establish distance between themselves and Biden. Well, they spent the last two years as his most loyal served soldiers, his most faithful servants doing everything Biden wanted, everything Pelosi wanted, everything Schumer wanted.

And what they’re using is Wall Street money and Silicon Valley money to put ads on TV that aren’t lying to voters about who they are. Every one of them and every other Democrat running is a down the line Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Kamala Harris Democrat who is enabled every single policy from open borders to crime to inflation, that is wreaking havoc on our country. And if our candidates can make that point, and the ones that get to debate have crushed their opponents by making those points as Blake did, as [PH] Jake did.

INGRAHAM: Yes, let me, let me tell. Yes, let me tell you about that Steven. I’m glad you mentioned that because tonight, J.D. Vance, eviscerated phony populace, Tim Ryan, here’s one of the many superb moments from J.D. Check it out.


JD VANCE (R) OHIO SENATE CANDIDATE: Two years ago, you supported banning fracking both on public lands and generally speaking, that crushes the Ohio energy sector and that’s one of the reasons why manufacturers are going to China. Another reason Ohio manufacturers go to China is because the Chinese undercut American wages the only way to really combat that is tariffs. 2018, 2019 and 2020, you oppose the tariffs that started to bring some of that manufacturing and industrial base back to Ohio.


INGRAHAM: If we had those back Batman sound effects, it will be like KAPOW, POW, ZOWIE, I mean, he just flow them. This is why they don’t want to debate.

MILLER: It’s exactly what they want to do.

INGRAHAM: Let’s get Miranda. Yes.

DEVINE: Yes. Exactly. He was brilliant. You saw Blake Masters the other night brilliant. Kari Lake would be brilliant and Lee Zeldin will be brilliant. So, these democrats not only do they have no policies, not only do they have a terrible record, and a President that’s a lead weight. They also really don’t have the ability to go head-to-head against these very formidable Republican candidates.

INGRAHAM: Well they don’t have their protection racket going with the media. They’re just left on stage with their policy positions, and that’s an ugly place to be right now. Miranda, Stephen great to see both of you thank you. And Joe Biden told a group of DNC donors that were close to than ever to nuclear war. Well, does he not realize he’s contributing to the possibility? Plus, why is the head of the American Federation of Teachers in Ukraine, of all places that ahead?



DONALD TRUMP, 45TH U.S. PRESIDENT: We must demand the immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine or we will end up in World War III and there will be nothing left of our planet all because stupid people didn’t have a clue. They don’t understand what they’re dealing with the power of nuclear, they have no idea what they’re doing.


INGRAHAM: He’s right. And it’s something this show has warned about since February, when the Ukraine conflict all began. But for Biden and his team of naive war cabinet folks, they are just waking up to the reality that whatever $50 billion in weaponry and aid could actually produce in Ukraine.

Can we even track where our money is going? Well, it wasn’t until a closed door fundraiser the other night that Biden seemed to realize that he has brought America to the cliff’s edge. What if we have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis, he said, well, that admission set off alarm bells around the globe, which meant the Biden cleanup crew got right to work.


JOHN KIRBY, FORMER SPOKESPERSON FOR THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE: The President I think was accurately reflecting the fact that the stakes are very high right now, that his comments were not based on new or fresh intelligence or new indications that Mr. Putin has made a decision to use nuclear weapons and quite, quite frankly, we don’t have any indication that he has made that kind of decision.


INGRAHAM: Joining me now is Ned Ryun, CEO of American Majority as well as Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis, Defense Priorities Senior Fellow. Ned I don’t believe, you know, I don’t think I believe Kirby. I just think they don’t want to admit how badly they’ve messed this whole thing up.

NED RYUN, AMERICAN MAJORITY CEO: Well, they really have and they continue down this path. I mean, the amazing part is Trump’s been right about almost everything in this situation. And, you know, I look back at his remarks on Germany’s, idiotic energy policy, which was funding and empowering Putin really European infantile energy policy writ large, which was giving up until recently about 1 billion a day to Putin was really financing this invasion.

Trump was right about Putin pouncing on Biden’s weakness, post Afghanistan. And he’s right in this situation, we find ourselves every week that this continues, we find ourselves escalating and moving towards nuclear war. And the Biden administration doesn’t seem to know how to get out of this except for it to continue forward.

The amazing part to me, and all of this Laura is the people that were saying that somehow Trump with his reckless behavior was somehow going to start World War III, or the ones actually agitating for Biden to start World War III. And at some point, you would hope that that diplomats and statesmen would say, you know what Ukraine has nothing to do with U.S. interests.

It has everything to do with Russia’s interest always has, always will. Ukraine and Russia actually need to sit down and figure out what borders worked for both of them before we continue accelerating down this path because if we don’t find an off ramp, we are headed towards something that will not be good for anyone involved in Europe, in the U.S., anywhere in the world.

INGRAHAM: And Colonel Davis during a phone call today with Zelenskyy, Biden promised that the U.S., would continue providing Ukraine with the support needed to defend itself, including advanced air defense systems. Now, Lieutenant Colonel, you said that Biden needs to change course. But it seems that, he’s not doing anytime soon, that’s escalating it. It isn’t, isn’t not?

LT COL DANIEL DAVIS (RET) DEFENSE PRIORITIES SENIOR FELLOW: That’s it exactly what I’ve been worried about. And I couldn’t have been more happy to hear President Trump making those comments there that he just did. And you know, in all the time he was in the White House, he took a lot of heat for engaging with Putin. They called him a Putin apologist. And he was kowtow and all that, but he kept us out of any war and he kept relations stable.

But now that you see since he’s left office, now that things have been ramped up, and they’ve been continually going up all the way to the war started, and this is the wrong answer to say that we’re just going to continue to go not make any changes at all, because President Biden was right last week, what he said that we’re heading towards nuclear potential catastrophe. But we have to do something to change course, if you just maintain the status quo, we’re going to end up someplace it’s bad for America.

INGRAHAM: Ned, one of our favorite puppets of the left retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman. He’s gleeful over the whole situation watch.


ALEXANDER VINDMAN, FMR NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL DIR OF EUROPEAN AFFAIRS: Russia really is a one-trick pony. It cannot do anything on the battlefield. It’s getting. It’s getting defeated at every turn. We just need to saturate the environment there. And this could easily reduce the pressure that Russia is putting on Ukraine and make this a much, much more bearable campaign.


INGRAHAM: Ned, how does this get us farther from nuclear war?

NED RYUN, AMERICAN MAJORITY CEO: It doesn’t. And Laura, we just had — the shame of this entire situation is we have somehow let it be Russia bad, Ukraine good. Both are deeply corrupt nations. Both are involved in something that has been going on for centuries, and we continue to escalate it and fund it with tens of billions of taxpayer dollars.

I think, Laura, in this entire situation, one of the things that has been deeply aggravating to me is watching Republican senators sell us out on this, like Lindsey Graham. Apparently, there is not a war that he doesn’t like as he continues to agitate for this. And I would remind the senator, we are not in the 1980s anymore. Putin might be a thug, but the evil empire doesn’t exist. At some point it would be nice if Republican senators would actually stand up and say, you know, we should probably hit the brakes on this and choose a diplomatic path and call an end to this so that we don’t end up in a bad place.

INGRAHAM: Lieutenant Colonel Davis, I think the question has to be asked of the American people, OK — maybe it’s hard to do that in the middle of the midterms — are you willing to support a U.S. war with Russia to save Ukraine, yes or no? Because that is the question, is it not. It’s got to be answered.

LT. COL. DANIEL DAVIS (RET), DEFENSE PRIORITIES SENIOR FELLOW: I like that framing, because when you see the polls that have been asked, then the American people answer that question exactly the way that you think they are going to. And I like the way that Ned framed this a second ago, is that this is an issue between Russia and Ukraine, and they both have an interest on the border that needs to be resolved. America has no national security interests at stake, and the fact that we continue to potentially be a part of all this escalation is just going to end up in a bad place for us. And we need to focus on American national interests before someone else’s.

INGRAHAM: Where’s Germany? Germany seems to want to de-escalate things now, right, Ned? Very quickly, Germany is the biggest economy in the E.U. If Germany doesn’t think this is a big enough problem right now at this moment, then we have got to start asking ourselves some harder questions. And I want the people of Ukraine to be safe. I think it is horrific what has happened in them, but come on.

RYUN: I think Germany is looking for a way to survive the winter because they’ve made so many terrible energy decisions. They would really love to figure out how to continue getting cheap Russian energy. I think they’re just looking for basically very self-interested, how do we survive the winter. So it is kind of surprising to me Germany hasn’t taken a stronger role in saying we need this to end if nothing else for its own survival.

INGRAHAM: I think we’re going to start seeing that conversation. That’s my prediction.

RYUN: Ned, Lieutenant, Colonel, thank you.

Celebrities hit the campaign trail, and speaking of Ukraine, even there? Raymond arroyo explains it. “Seen and Unseen” is next.


INGRAHAM: It’s time for our “Seen and Unseen” segment where we explore the cultural stories of the day. And for that we turn to the FOX News contributor, author of the new book premiering tomorrow “The Wise Men Who Found Christmas,” Raymond Arroyo. Ray?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Laura, thank you for having me, as always.

INGRAHAM: The celebrities are really turning after the midterms now? Is that true?

ARROYO: Oh, yes, they are indeed. And they’re everywhere, for good reason. I’ll explain that in a moment. The idea is to whip up excitement for a given candidate, Laura, and to trade celebrity for votes. “The West Wing” and “Veep” casts did a virtual mashup last night for Democrats in Wisconsin.


BRADLEY WHITFORD, ACTOR: In 2022 though road to saving democracy runs directly through my home state of Wisconsin.

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS, ACTRESS: Every race up and down the ballot is crucial for Democrats to invest in and win.

WHITFORD: Please join the cast of “The West Wing” and “Veep” as we come together for a special live streamed fundraiser.


ARROYO: Laura, I watched some of this so you didn’t have to. The highlight was Julia Louis-Dreyfus invoking a certain Supreme Court justice who she claimed watched her show. She claimed that justice’s name was Anton Scalia. She meant Antonin Scalia, but we won’t correct her. This was — I think for certain audiences these shows have a luster. It’s wished casting for them. But I don’t think these celebrity endorsements really matter a whole lot.

INGRAHAM: What about Hillary? Didn’t she have Ben Affleck and all those people?



ARROYO: And Katy Perry and everybody came out for her. And by the way, this week in Texas, Beto O’Rourke, who has trailed Republican Governor Greg Abbott since the start of the campaign, he is pulling out the big guns. Harry Styles, who is not even an American, and Willie Nelson came.




WILLIE NELSON, SINGER: We’ll run old Beto in, and we’ll start the show again. The biggest we’ve got is called the ballot box. And if you don’t like who is in there, vote them out.


ARROYO: Mamas, don’t let your babies grow to be endorsers. It’s always embarrassing when they do this.

Buy, Laura, this guy has been seven to nine points below Abbott since the beginning of this campaign. And he was at a Dixie Chicks concert the other night. They mentioned him, he was booed. This does not bode well for Beto.

INGRAHAM: You mean the Chicks. You can’t use “Dixie” anymore.

ARROYO: Oh, the Chicks, forgive me.

INGRAHAM: That’s one of the words we can no longer use. Not allowed.

ARROYO: You took that away from them. But Laura, there is a good reason you see these celebrities endorsing particular candidates. Look at Pennsylvania where Kerry Washington and Steven Van Zandt are coming out for a Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman. When you have trouble putting words together, as he does, you need as many celebrity distractions as you can get. Listen?


KARA SWISHER: Should Joe Biden run again in 2024?

LT. GOV. JOHN FETTERMAN, (D) PENNSYLVANIA SENATE CANDIDATE: I think that should be a decision made by Joe Bin (ph).


ARROYO: Joe Bin — Jobin (ph). Maybe that’s the guy who joins Sinatra for “The Girl From Ipanema.” He was Jobim. So maybe it isn’t Jobin (ph) another person.

And Katie Hobbs, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, better call Eva Longoria. This was her pitch to Spanish voters un poquito.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What have you learned, specifically learned from the Latino community?

KATIE HOBBS, (D) ARIZONA GUBERNATORIAL NOMINEE: My sister-in-law, she is Latino, and her family — I love hanging out with them and practicing my espanol.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So there is not one specific lesson you could share with me? It is one-third of the state.

HOBBS: Yes, yes, absolutely. I think there’s many lessons.


ARROYO: This is why she won’t debate Kari Lake, Laura. Talk about flat- footed. Wow.

INGRAHAM: I think someone should tell her it’s a Latina for feminine. She said it’s a Latino, and that’s what you learn day one when you’re taking Spanish.

ARROYO: She was probably struggling to come up with Latinx and couldn’t remember the end of it. But even Ukraine is now recruiting celebrities, Laura, to advance their case. As the Russian empire continues its assault on Ukraine, Zelenskyy is assembling a new resistance, and he has turned into a battle-tested Jedi to lead the effort. It’s not an army of clones.


MARK HAMILL, ACTOR: It’s the army of drones. And I was really surprised to be contacted by pr President Zelenskyy. I didn’t ask why. What they were wanting me to do was become a so-called ambassador, which is a glorify word for representative, of their army of drones.



ARROYO: The army of drones, Laura.

INGRAHAM: Are we supposed to sell them lightsabers now? What are we supposed to do?

ARROYO: They’ve raised $188 million and have given Ukraine 1,000 drones. How many more drones do they need? When does this end? And that’s after we have already given them $54 billion, and more is on the way.

Laura, we have a FOX News alert, sorry to break in. Another celeb of sorts has just showed up in Ukraine and is squaring off against Putin, head of the American Teachers Union, Randi Weingarten.


RANDI WEINGARTEN, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS: We’ve made a decision that we are going to go to Lviv and talk to the union leaders there, and that we are not going to let Putin get away with terrorizing people. The schools are closed, children are learning remotely or in bunkers right now.


INGRAHAM: OK, wait a second, is she complaining that the schools are closed there, the woman who is singlehandedly responsible for shuttering American schools coast-to-coast?

ARROYO: Yes, she is.

INGRAHAM: I mean, what a — let me tell you, Raymond, if all you need to do is show Randi Weingarten or play her on a loop, Russia will lay down their arms immediately. Just pump that throughout the 10 time zones of the former Soviet Union.

ARROYO: We’re going to meet with the Ukraine union. We will not allow Putin to do this. What are they going to do? The teachers are going to march across the bridge and stop him? This is absurd. But I am waiting for Baby Yoda and Chewbacca to lead the next resistance. Maybe that will stop Putin in his tracks, and we can wrap this up quickly. The new resistance.

INGRAHAM: What is she going to do to Putin, sit on him? What the heck is she going to do? The woman who has ruined American education is going to ruin any chance of some kind of negotiated peace in Ukraine.

ARROYO: They’re going to assault the Russian troops with masks, many masks they’re going to make them wear, and that will repel them all.

Thank you, Laura.

INGRAHAM: That takes the cake. All right, the book out tomorrow, Raymond, very excited.

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Oregon is suggesting more funds need to be allocated to, and I kid you not, meth stabilization centers to help solve the rampant drug and violence issue in the state. So what does her opponent think of this? Well, she is here next, and she is going to respond.



TINA KOTEK, (D) OREGON GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: But I will say for Portland in particular, in addition to making Measure 110 work, we need a meth stabilization center in Portland. We need a place for cops to take folks not to the emergency departments when they are in a meth-related psychosis.


INGRAHAM: Forget Portland, does any city need a meth stabilization center? That was Oregon Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek talking about to Measure 110, which decriminalized hard drugs like meth, heroin, LSD, and cocaine. Now, I want to show you what effect that had statewide. These are overdose deaths in Oregon. Orange is 2020 when Measure 110 was on the ballot, and then approved in November. Yellow is 2021 after it went into effect to that February. And green is 2022 so far. Overdose deaths increased nearly 58 percent from 2020 to 2021. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out what happened here.

Joining me now is Christine Drazan, the Republican running for governor in Oregon. All right, the RCP average has her up 2.4 percent ahead of Kotek in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican in 40 years. I love this. Christine, what will this meth stabilization center accomplish? Is there any good that could come of it?

CHRISTINE DRAZAN, (R) OREGON GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: This is a continuation of Tina Kotek’s failed leadership. She is out of touch with Oregonians. She is making choices and making decisions that are just politically driven. The reality on the ground is that drugs harm families, and drugs are hurting our state and hurting our community, and frankly, as you noted, people are dying.

The answer here is not to continue to enable this behavior. The answer is to get people into treatment and long-term recovery, and not to assume that this is how our state has to be long-term and therefore we need to create meth stabilization centers. That is the wrong answer.

INGRAHAM: I want people to see what is happening with crime in Portland. And again, everyone who knows Portland and who has been there over the last 20, 25 years, it is a beautiful city.

DRAZAN: It is.

INGRAHAM: But it has changed dramatically. And so crime largely remained steady in 2021, but Portland shot up dramatically. The number of violent crimes in Portland there increased 38 percent, that included homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults, all have been more in 2021 than the previous year. Christine, your response to that? That’s also disturbing.

DRAZAN: We need more law enforcement on the streets. And frankly, we need to governor that is not going to engage in the mass release of criminals. That’s what Kate Brown has done. That’s what Tina Kotek aligned with Kate Brown to continue, to just release rapists and murderers onto our street. As governor, I will support victims. I will make sure that we have law enforcement on our streets and that our communities are safe.

INGRAHAM: There are over 200 police officers as a deficit right now in Portland, is that accurate? And what would you do to try to bring more into the forest?

DRAZAN: It is accurate. Our law enforcement needs a governor that is going to back their play. And for too long, particularly in Portland, they know that the political leadership in that community hasn’t supported them, and the effect for people living in Portland has been that they feel less safe. There’s less officers on the road, so response times are slower. And it’s not their fault. They are overwhelmed. They need an aggressive push that says we want law enforcement here, please come to our community, and we will support you. We know that we need you.

INGRAHAM: I think Kotek supported the rioters over the police in 2020 when that whole place was being ripped apart, correct? Really quick.

DRAZAN: Absolutely, and absolutely the wrong decision again. She has failed leadership one time after another. Oregonians are done with it. They’re ready for a change.

INGRAHAM: Christine Drazan, thank you very much.

Now, if you thought the video from our open was insane, wait until we show you what happens next. The Last Bite, stay there.


INGRAHAM: A new comic book is out, and it just isn’t the content that is absolutely bonkers. Wait until you hear who wants the rights to it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The new comic book series by Native American author Stephen Graham Jones has quickly gone into a second printing. “Earthdivers” is about a Native American who goes back in time with the plan to kill Christopher Columbus. Jones says it has been optioned by a Disney unit for development as a television series.


INGRAHAM: Disney, wait? Remember when Disney was like “Snow White,” “Dumbo.” Come on, this is ridiculous. Then you wonder kids know nothing about American history today.

That’s it for us tonight. Happy Columbus Day. Don’t forget, set your DVR so you never miss us. “GUTFELD!” is next.

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