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‘The View’ host skewered for targeting DeSantis while claiming to be ‘lifelong’ conservative

Twitter users skewered “The View” host Alyssa Farah Griffin for her commentary about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on CNN Monday.

Farah Griffin, a former Trump Administration official who now serves as the token conservative host on “The View” and as a CNN contributor, made headlines earlier in February for claiming DeSantis is “erasing” Black history.

On “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” Farah Griffin slammed DeSantis and suggested that the Republican Party, regardless of who leads it, ultimately is characterized by a “MAGA” ideology she sees as too “big government” for her tastes.

“Ron DeSantis is masterful at commanding national media attention and culture war stunts and leaning into the anti-wokeness gets him talked about, it raises his name ID and it riles up the base,” she said. 

“There are people like me, more in the [Chris] Sununu, Larry Hogan camp, longtime, lifelong conservatives who see it as government overreach masked as conservatism, whether going after Disney, whether that’s dictating from the state what local schools should teach rather than at the school board level or decided by parents,” she said. “I do think however this is the Trump MAGA party. I think the party is more in line with where Ron DeSantis is than the more traditional conservative party that I grew up in.”


Commentators online took swipes at Farah Griffin for claiming to be a conservative.

NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck shared the segment and said, “@AlyssaFarah comes out strongly against Ron DeSantis, trashing him as someone who’s not conservative & instead is obsessed w/’capturing media attention,’ ‘ril[ing] up the base,’ & irritating ‘lifelong conservatives’ like her. She says Hogan & Sununu are the real conservatives.”

Radio host Dana Loesch wrote, “’lifelong conservative’ lol.”

“’[L]ifelong conservative’ means controlled opposition GOP,” conservative Twitter personality Andrea Katherine wrote. 

An anonymous conservative humor account, “Fusilli Spock” tweeted, “If by ‘conservative’ she means ‘loser’ than, sure.”

“Her ‘conservative’ opinions are pre-produced by executives at @TheView,” Conservative TV personality Rob Schmitt tweeted.

Other commentators on Twitter scorched Farah Griffin’s credibility in general.

Conservative influencer “Just Mindy” condemned Farah Griffin for demeaning the same “MAGA” citizens she once was supposed to serve while in the White House.


“Again, @Alyssafarah talking w/ disdain abt MAGA when she literally worked for Trump is hilar. She also makes the point ‘parents’ shld decide what kids learn and not the state,” she wrote. “That’s literally what DeSantis has said all along. Proving again she had no idea what DeSantis believes.”

Author Eddie Scarry mocked Farah Griffin for referring to DeSantis as a person who seeks attention from the media:

“’Capturing media attention’ as if he’s showered with adulation. Hogan is also great at getting media attention but it’s positive because he sh**s on other Republicans. The media LOVE Hogan.”

“Part of me wants Hogan to run on his ‘It’s Big Government to ban left-wing gender kookery in public schools’ platform just to see his and Alyssa’s reaction after he gets .7% in Iowa,” NewsBusters staff writer Alex Christy wrote.

Other users pointed to Griffin’s past tweets supporting DeSantis.

In 2021, she said, “Why are some in the media so afraid of @GovRonDeSantis? He has the toughness & political instincts of Trump, is Yale & Harvard educated, a decorated veteran, has Cap Hill experience, is widely popular in a state that matters, & knows how to talk to Republicans & democrats alike.”

In 2022, she encouraged DeSantis, along with Hogan and Sununu, and other Republicans to challenge Trump in 2024.

“DeSantis should run. So should Pence, Pompeo, Haley, Cotton, Tim Scott, Sununu, Hogan, etc. Credible Republicans with governing experience should challenge Trump. There’s zero reason to nominate Trump again when R’s have a bench & Biden is polling in the 30s,” she tweeted.

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